How to ‘Frost’ a Window with Contact Paper

created at: 08/11/2011

Ashley was wigged out by the ‘scary dark nothingness’ of her naked door window. A quick cover of various items such as craft paper and even pages from magazines took away the yips, but they weren’t very decorative, to say the least. So…Ashley got all crafty with some Contact paper and created a Moroccan inspired window treatment. This is what the nothingness looks like now:   

created at: 08/11/2011

Here’s what you’ll need to duplicate the results:

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A Room With a Better View

Finnish designer Elina Aalto of Flasko Design has created Better View window blinds that turns the most uninteresting views into something spectacular. Basically, the blinds have cut-outs that depict cityscapes. When the blinds are drawn, light from outdoors twinkles through revealing the sky lines of Helsinki or Tokyo, for example. Although the blinds don’t appear to be in mass production (they’re part of a traveling exhibition of the Finnish Cultural Institute), I’m going to say, with an X-acto knife, a picture of your favorite city for reference, a ruler, and a lot of patience, they’re DIY-able. Continue Reading

How to Mix Your Own Pottery-Barn-Bronze-Colored Paint

If you’ve ever gone into a craft store looking for antique bronze-colored paint, like the antique bronze in a Pottery Barn catalog, you won’t find it. The bronze craft stores do have looks more like bronzed baby booties bronze. Not my favorite look. So, I did some experimenting and came up with a ‘recipe’ that produces a very similar color to the bronze that’s popular nowadays. Here it is:

One part Delta Ceramcoat Black + One Part Delta Ceramcoat Kim Gold = Pottery Barn Antique Bronze.

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