7 Great Blogs to Follow for Interior Inspiration (Part 2)

Last time, on Blogs to Follow, I shared 7 great blogs to follow for interiors inspiration, but 7 blogs wasn’t nearly enough. There are so many additional blogs to suggest in that category, so today I’m sharing Part 2. Want to see who made the cut this round? Click through to see 7 more interiors blogs to follow for inspiration.    

1. The Marion House Book

2. Decor 8

3. 79 Ideas

4. Desire to Inspire

5.  Continue Reading

7 Great Blogs to Follow for Interior Inspiration (Part 1)

It’s time for another installment of Blogs to Follow, and this week is all about interior inspiration. Previously, I’ve shared 8 DIY decor blogs to follow and picks for awesome room makeover blogs to follow. So, today I thought we’d focus on blogs that are sharing beautifully designed interiors.    

There are so many amazing interiors blogs out there, it’s hard to narrow them down. So, this one will be a multi-part series. Starting with Part 1 today. Continue Reading

5 Blogs to Follow for Awesome Room Makeovers

On this edition of Blogs to Follow, I’m sharing five of my favorite blogs for room makeover inspiration. Before and afters are pretty popular here on Curbly and these five blogs are definitely amongst the best that I know of for inspiration in that department. Ready to see what five blogs made the cut?    

Here are five blogs to follow for before and after room makeovers.

1. Emily Henderson: You probably already know Emily’s blog from the rooms she styled and helped makeover in the Curbly house (dining room, master bedroom, and sunroom), but if you aren’t familiar with her work already, you should definitely check out her blog. Continue Reading

8 Home Decor DIY Blogs to Follow

Inspired by this post that ran on Curbly earlier this year, a new column is kicking off today that will feature a handful of awesome blogs each month, in a specific category. There are so many blog out there to keep track of, so why not let us find the good ones for you? Starting today with 8 home decor DIY blogs to follow.    

1. Weekday CarnivalFavorite projects include this copper coatrack and the geometric wall. Continue Reading