Make This: Bloody Good Halloween Bark

Bloody Good Halloween Bark Recipe | Sweet Enough to Die For

Everyone's talking about costume parties and thriller flicks, but even as an adult I know Halloween is all about the candy. I wanted to make a spooky treat that was different than the usual mix of fun candies and white chocolate – I wanted something… darker. With bloody red candy melts and dark chocolate chips, this Halloween bark is sure to hit the darkest of spots. 


What you'll need to make this devilishly dark Halloween bark



Bloody Tasty Halloween Bark | Step 1

Begin by lining a cookie sheet with parchment paper or waxed paper. Continue Reading

Dexter’s Blood Splattered Dining Room

Eleven designers were inspired by six different original Showtime series to transform a townhouse in Gramercy Park into Showtime’s Design House. Lucky Amy Lau drew the Dexter card and came up with this blood splattered dining room. If you know anything about Dexter, the television show or the book series, the blood makes perfect sense.

Dexter is an expert at blood splatter analysis who just happens to be a serial killer. But he’s a good serial killer because he only kills really bad people. Continue Reading

Bloody Tablecloths

Can’t stomach the sight of blood? Consider this Bloody Vinyl Tablecloth exposure therapy. The perfect table topper for your upcoming Halloween bash, the tablecloth is available through for a reasonable $8.99. An equally bloody alternative is the Bloody Hand tablecloth below. A flimsy store-bought version will set you back 4 bucks, but some fabric paint, an inexpensive fabric table cloth and some willing naked hands….. Totally DIYable!