Make It: A DIY Skateboard Book Cubby

created at: 07/11/2012
How perfect would this little DIY book cubby be in a kid’s bedroom or playroom?? I mean seriously. It. Is. Adorable. Also?? It’s super insanely easy to make!    

All you need is a wooden box (an old record crate, fruit crate, etc.) and some skateboard wheels and you’ve got yourself a kid-friendly rolling book cubby! Check out the tutorial and more photos of this little project in action over on Project Little Smith.

DIY Idea: Make a Steampunky Pipe Book Shelf

Bookshelf Industrial Lighting Level 3

When I see stuff like these bookshelves, I am overcome with the desire to dismantle my office and steampunk it up. From Etsy seller Stella Blue Designs, the bookshelves are made of iron pipes and, in the case of the style above, Edison-type light bulbs. I particularly like how together with the books they create an art piece. To check out all of Stella Blue Designs creations, visit Stella’s shop on Etsy.

Bookshelf Industrial Pipe 2 Way


How To: Turn Any Bookshelf Into a Fold-Out Desk

I work from home, so I’m extremely grateful to have a dedicated office and craft room. But, I realize that’s not always possible when space is at a premium. Luckily, if you have a space to store your books, you have space to create a custom, storable office, in the form of a fold-out desk.   Taryn from Unplggd has all the details. “You can get the…look from any old bookshelf, including that one you’ve had in storage forever…From there, all you’d need to do is add a set of doors…Once the door is on, you’d need to custom-fit a drop-down desk. Continue Reading

Branch Bookshelf

Designer Olivier Dollé created this gorgeous bookshelf using ‘oak veneer on a hollow plywood structure’. The ‘Branch’ is available in other types of wood species upon request. Of course, my question is, is it DIY-able?? Check out these close ups before you answer that.

created at: 01/21/2011


DIY: Hardware Store Board and Cord Lighting

created at: 01/16/2011

Hardware store lighting so simple, it’s ingenius.  See more.

Italian designer William Raffredis has already done the heavy lifting for you if you’re thinking ‘DIY this one’.  He’s designed bare bones furniture and lighting where each component fulfills two distinct functions. Like all things made simple, these designs undoubtedly took some intense bean power. Read the entire post here.


DIY Pisa Bookshelf Prototype!!

Remember the Pisa bookshelf from awhile back? Well, fellow Curblier, Craig (aka SpyStyle) got all fancy with his tools and made a prototype! Yesterday, he shared his pictures of the process and gave me a quick rundown of how he went about creating it. First, with the help of Photoshop, he made a plan. (Each square equals one inch.)

Using scrap wood–thus the orange stripe!–he used a jigsaw to cut channels that are ‘material thickness’ wide. Continue Reading

Build a Tetris Bookshelf


Odecom5 gets my vote for Dad of the Year. It sounds like he was able to ‘help’ his son with this school project and end up with their relationship intact after this complicated  build; not a small feat. His son even had a broken arm during the project which may have worked out better for both of them.

I would have been proud of this section alone.


You and I both know that Dad did have all the fun, but the father-son bonding project had to be well worth a few days of frenzied parental competitiveness. Continue Reading

Scrap Wood and Rope Bookshelf

amy hunting, blockshelp, recycled furniture, waste wood, waste wood furniture, green furniture, rope furniture, recycled wood

Scrap wood saddens me. Those little bits too small to really make anything out of, but too big to relegate to the dustpan. They’re the kind you stack up and save…for awhile anyway. Until you ask yourself, “What was I saving these for?” Well, now there’s an answer to that question:    A scrap wood and rope bookshelf like this ‘Blockshelf’ from Amy Hunting. Of course if a bookshelf isn’t on your list of needs, stacked wood scraps could make great table legs. Continue Reading

‘Slim’ Bookcase Turns Books Into Art



As the saying goes, you can’t judge a book by its cover, but sometimes the covers are so pretty. For the amount of effort that goes into producing such things, it really is a shame to hide them on traditional book shelves. With the clear acrylic Slim bookcase, available at Yanko Design, we can now flaunt all those covers. Yes, it’s a bookcase, but it displays titles in a way that transforms them into wall art. Continue Reading

Using Photoshop for Good/Evil


Curbly guest Craig spied an old post of mine, Attention Woodworkers: Make this Pisa Bookshelf and got all evil genius about it. Craig made a schematic of workable plans for the bookshelf using Photoshop. Here’s how he explains how he made the plans:

I take a photo of a shelf which is always at an angle, and use Photoshop to rotate it so it’s straight, then make a new layer and trace it, then resize it to actual, and in PaintShop I can throw a 1 inch grid over it and do a screen capture… Well it sounds more complicated than it really is 🙂

As far as that last sentence, I’ll just take Craig’s word for it. Continue Reading