How to Make Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes


Home baked bread was a staple in my childhood home. For Mom, it was an all-day process. Mixing, rising, kneading, rising, kneading, shaping, kneading some more.  After doing it a few times over the years myself, I decided to spring for a bread maker. My particular machine does a great job, when the dough doesn’t over-rise creating crater-head. Ultimately, the best way to make homemade bread really is to do make it with your own two hands. Continue Reading

Pumpkin Bread & Mulling Spices Recipes

Welcome to the first installment of Get Nested, my fall series with Curbly. I find myself entertaining much more during the fall and winter seasons, and wanted to offer some helpful tips and recipes to you to help make your entertaining season as seamless as possible.

Mulling spices is a great way to give your home a great aroma.

Aromatic mulling spices make your home smell amazing and give it a warm and welcomeing feel. To make your own, add a teaspoon of cinnamon, cloves, and/or nutmeg to a pot of water. Continue Reading

How-To: Edible Utensils.


This one goes into the why?-because-you-can file : Toasty pâte brisée serving utensils and ramekin. Bread bowls? Ha!

Speak French? Then tell us all what this says, cause I’m sure it sounds savory: “oilà il est à présent temps de voter pour le projet qui vous semble le plus pertinent. Attention, fin des votes le lundi 9 novembre à 12h. Un grand merci à Nathalie pour avoir joué le jeu et pour sa proposition qui donne carrément envie de lécher l’écran !”

Get the instructions (in French) and a template here! Continue Reading