EYE CANDY: 10 Modern Rustic Cabins We Love

EYE CANDY: 10 Modern Rustic Cabins We Love

Sometimes when you think “cabin”, you think “old and outdated”, but these backmountain beauties are fit for a king and rusticly modern enough for even the greatest minimalist! 



EYE CANDY: 10 Modern Rustic Cabins We Love
Photo: via UP Interiors 

1. Maybe it’s the concrete floor or the shark on the wall, but this space is super fresh!  via UP Interiors 


EYE CANDY: 10 Modern Rustic Cabins We Love
Photo: via Gessato

2. The floor to ceiling windows really show off the view around this minimalistic cabin! via Gessato


EYE CANDY: 10 Modern Rustic Cabins We Love
photo: via Vandeventer + Carlander Architects

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Eye Candy: Our Favorite Cozy Cabins and Retreats

With November just days away, the fall season is about to kick into high gear. The leaves are changing and the temperatures are definitely starting to cool. Which makes this the perfect time of year to go camping for a long weekend or to cozy up by a fire for a long stay at a remote cabin. So let’s start the morning on an inspired note with some cabin eye candy.    

(above) A weekend cabin in Stockholm 

A cabin with rough exterior in Switzerland

A painted log cabin in Maine

A tiny glass cabin to watch the leaves change

A rustic cabin interior

A cabin amongst the trees

A cabin in Alabama

A Washington Cabin with an amazing view

A Bright and Bold Cabin Kitchen Makeover

This retro, red kitchen gets a top to bottom rehab in today’s before and after makeover transformation. I’m pretty sure you’re going to want to see this.    

I am so impressed with this gorgeous cabin makeover from Sarah Sherman Samuel of Smitten Studio. The entire home has been made over (more photos here), but one of my favorite transformations is the kitchen.

For more before photos, visit this page, and for the after photos visit Smitten Studio. Continue Reading

Hans Liberg’s Recording Studio Log Cabin

created at: 04/09/2012

Hans Liberg has a log cabin for a recording studio that’s more loggy than most. But even for all its logginess, its unique construction makes if feel anything but traditional, in a log cabin sense. That’s because it was put together by Hans’s friend, furniture designer, Piet Hein Eek. If you’re familiar with some of Piet’s work–especially his scrap wood pieces–it makes total sense. Inside, it’s cool blue and smooth with not one log in sight. Continue Reading

Roundup: 12 Cozy Scandinavian Modern Cabins

created at: 11/09/2010

If you liked last week’s Scandinavian Modern kitchen makeover, you’re in for a treat!  As I mentioned yesterday, around this time of year I always get that rustic itch (which sounds like a virus, but I swear it’s not).  I seek out and take inspiration from cozy spaces – move over shiny minimalist houses, I want wood and textiles!  So, what’s the ultimate winter abode?  A Scandinavian Modern Cabin.  I’ll take two!  

created at: 11/09/2010

I scoured the web for as much Scandi-Modern Cabin inspiration as I could find and I think you’ll be pleased with the results.  Continue Reading

Unbelievable Cabin Makeover

Call of the wild

You know those real estate ads that says ‘Needs a lot of work’? This ramshackle cabin in Tee Harbor, Alaska included such a description in its ad–although it was probably an understatement. Unoccupied for six years, the home was abandoned by its previous owners who left behind bags of moldy clothes and furniture scattered in the yard. The home’s basement walls were rotted and its porch had collapsed. But none of that scared off Jennifer and Noah who saw beyond all that nastiness and bought the place anyway. Continue Reading

The Ab-Fab FabCab

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FabCab is short for Fabulous Cabin and it lives up to its name. The timber frame kit home debuted at the 2010 Seattle Home Show to onlookers’ delight. The kit is shipped to the homeowner and then erected by a licensed contractor. Is it DIYable? Since the kit comes in pre-cut parts, possibly, if you have experience with construction of that sort.     

The kits are chock full of eco-friendliness including sustainable Doug Fir and low VOC pains. Continue Reading

The Fall Creek Mobile Cabin

Cabins should be small. And they could look like cabins…inside and out. Otherwise they really aren’t ‘cabins’ are they? So now that I’ve gotten that decree out of the way, check out this little gem from Montana Mobile Cabins. It’s a tidy little 14′ x 20′ and it fits my prescription for what a cabin should look like….inside and out. It has a full loft, studio kitchen, bath, and great room. The price? According to the maker’s website a model of this size would set you back around 50K or so, but that doesn’t include electrical, plumbing or interior walls. Continue Reading

Handmade Alaskan Log Cabin

Aaron and Jill Bork constructed their Alaskan log cabin by hand using trees felled from their 5-acre property. The couple, equipped with only a book for instruction, built the cabin over one summer and the interior over the next year.

Not only was the building constructed of nearby trees, the counter tops were made of rocks from a local creek. There’s no running water, but they do have electricity thanks to a generator.

They furnished the cabin with furniture they made as well as with found objects. Continue Reading

The Floating Cabin

Ever dream of a cabin on a lake? How about a cabin IN a lake?? Margy and Wayne Lutz’s get-away in Powell Lake in British Columbia is just that. The 20′ x 21′ 2-story cabin sits atop a 40′ x 40′ float but has a couple of other floats tethered to it that house a woodshed and Margy’s vegetable garden. Yes, the Lutz’s pay property tax as well as a water lease. Both add up to about $1000 a year. Continue Reading