How to: Make Your Own Custom Scratch-Off Valentine’s Cards

DIY printable scratch-off Valentine's Day card

I love a good interactive greeting card and scratch-off cards are amongst my favourites. It’s so much fun watching the suspense and surprise on your loved one’s face when they get a card that asks them to scratch off key parts to reveal a gift; I think it speaks to the little kid in all of us don’t you? 🙂


DIY printable scratch-off Valentine's Day card

And best of all, this kind of card comes in super handy if you’re giving your Valentine an experience (like breakfast in bed) rather than a physical present; you can still make the gift exciting and keep them guessing up until the very last minute! Continue Reading

How to: Handmade Christmas Tree Card (Free Printable)

As the holidays continue to grow near, it’s time to start thinking about holiday cards. So this year, I offer this festive watercolor card. It combines the best of both worlds: some hand painted and customized goodness, and the fact that it only takes minutes to make, so you don’t have to cut your list short. Click through to find out what it looks like on the inside – and how to make one yourself.   


The tree opens up to reveal a holiday message and space to write a note to the recipient. Continue Reading

Roundup: Curbly’s 2012 Modern Holiday Card Guide

created at: 11/08/2012

We love paper, we love independent designers, and we certainly love getting cool, handmade art in the mail. So for the Curbly crew, cards are not only a given, but one of our favorite parts of the holiday season.

To help find some of the coolest, most stylish holiday greeting cards of 2012, Curbly asked our friend and resident stationery expert Carina Murray of Crow and Canary to share her favorite picks this season. There’s still plenty time to order this up and have them to your loved ones well before the actual holidays hit, so check out these great picks, and get to it!   Continue Reading

Roundup: 12 Stylish Modern Holiday Greeting Cards

created at: 11/18/2011

Sure, it’s the era of electronic invites, and online parties, and hashtag events, but, there’s simply no replacement for sending a holiday greeting – on paper, in the mail – to your friends and family to let them know you care, and if you’d like, what you’ve been up to this year.
To help find some of the coolest, most stylish holiday greeting cards of 2011, Curbly asked our friend and resident stationery expert Carina Murray of Crow and Canary to share her favorite picks this season.
Continue Reading

Curbly Roundup: Hip Father’s Day Cards for Totally Awesome Dads

created at: 06/07/2011

Here at Curbly, we think Father’s Day should get a little more play. Mother’s Day is full of commercials, sections at the grocery store, fresh flowers, elementary school craft projects, and the like. But, for Father’s Day? Maybe a sale at the hardware store? Some jokes about ties and cologne.

But not this year, at least not on Curbly. Yesterday, we kicked off the season with our gift guide for stylish dads, and today, we’re sharing a roundup of handmade and independently printed cards from our friend and stationery professional, Carina Murray of Crow and Canary.  Continue Reading

Curbly Roundup: Totally Sweet Valentine’s Day Cards for Her

created at: 02/02/2011

This year, Curbly asked Carina Murray of Crow and Canary, an artisanal stationary firm based in Portland, Oregon, to select some clever and creative original Valentine’s Day cards from independent designers and artists. Her picks for the guy in your life were totally spot on, so we’re equally thrilled to share this roundup of lovely and adorable cards for the wonderful women you want to honor.created at: 02/02/2011

Row 1: 4Four CardsDarling Clementine available at Modern Paper Goods, Designs by ValEgg Press

created at: 02/02/2011

Row 2: EphemeraJill K in LALark PressRifle Paper Co. Continue Reading

Curbly Roundup: Seriously Awesome Valentine’s Day Cards for Him

created at: 01/31/2011


With two weeks left before February 14th, we figured it was about time to find this year’s most thoughtful and heartwarming greetings. But, in 2011, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find the best way to say “I love you” at the card store at the mall, or worse, the aisle at the supermarket. Times have changed, and there’s a whole world of stationary out there to help you share your warmest thoughts.

For help, we turned to our pal Carina Murray of Crow and Canary, an artisanal stationary firm based in Portland, Oregon. Continue Reading

How To: Make Easy, Natural Place Card Stands from Twigs (Free Printables Included)

created at: 11/15/2010

I love the idea of bringing in found, natural elements for Thanksgiving decor; maybe some drift wood, or smooth river rocks. But where I live, all I can find are dead, brown oak leaves, some leftover dried corn stalks at the nursery, and twigs that get knocked down during windstorms. Crunchy foliage doesn’t do much for me, but I like some of the branches and twigs that get blown into the corners of my block, and figured there must be something sorta mod that I could make with ’em. Continue Reading

How To: Hack a Keychain Card for Easier Wallet Storage

created at: 07/19/2010

I do my best to shy away from any extra keyring accessories: no decorative keychains, fobs, or extras for me. When offered a discount or loyalty membership, I always opt for the credit card sized version rather than the keychainable one.

Recently, a bunch of small, local businesses banded together to create a great program that I’m excited to support, and the only way to access it? Keychain card. I tried storing it in my wallet, but it would fly out and across the room whenever I’d pull out another card, or fall on the floor and under the checkout counter, where I’d have to ask the clerk to grab it for me. Continue Reading