Roundup: 10 DIY Ceiling Embellishment Projects

Sometimes we forget about ceilings. We focus so much on our walls, and everything inside of the walls, that the space above can sometimes take a backseat. So today I wanted to share some great ways that you can spice up your ceilings without breaking the bank.   


1. This is probably the easiest and cheapest idea of them all… paint your ceiling a bright color! [Photo: Home Idea Maker]

2. Use reclaimed wood to create a beautiful rustic look. Continue Reading

Light Bulb CEILING

created at: 05/11/2011

Quite the ceiling fixture, no??? A great way to use up those nasty old incandescent bulbs, that’s for sure. If anyone knows where this picture was taken, do tell, please! I Stumbled Upon it, and it had no description or attribution.  

Chocolate Ceiling Anyone?

Doesn’t this chocolate ceiling just make you want to lay down under it and go ‘ah’? And don’t the oozing walls look simply Wonka-licious??The ceiling can be found in Godiva’s new ‘concept flagship store’ in Harajuku, Japan. 

See and read more about the shop at Dezeen.


Ceiling tiles as canvas, and why art teachers ROCK!

Have some old ceiling tiles laying around? You might want to think about using them as ‘canvases’. That’s just what art instructor Carrie, known as orangesoc12 on Flickr did. Although, her tiles weren’t just laying around; they were actually in the ceiling of her classroom. She had her 8th grade students take them down and draw on them–using Georgia O’Keeffe for inspiration–and then they put them back up. You can see more examples of her students’ work on Carrie’s photostream. Continue Reading

How to remove a popcorn ceiling.

Of the few things I don’t like about my house, the popcorn ceilings are at the bottom of the list. And, after watching this video on DIY Network that explains the process, I think I just might remove them from the list altogether. (Sanding overhead? Yeah, that’s fun.) But, for you intrepid souls who just can’t stand the bumps, the process seems fairly straightforward. According to DIY Network, you might need some or all of the following supplies:

Safety glasses
Rubber gloves
Garden sprayer
Cordless drill
Rubber spatula
Ceiling texture scraper
Sanding sponge
Compound miter saw
Wood chisel
Coping saw
Utility knife
Putty knife
Nail gun
Paint stripper
Drywall compound
Plastic sheeting
Reclaimed crown molding
Drop cloth with waterproof backing
Tape measure

For written instructions, head on over to DIY Network. Continue Reading

Hole in Your Textured Ceiling? Fill ‘er Up!

The only thing more unsightly than a hole in a textured ceiling is a badly patched hole in a textured ceiling. Follow these very easy steps and make those holes and patch jobs disappear.

Note: this process works best for average-sized nail and screw holes. The one in the example was approximately 1/4″ in diameter. Also, the ceiling and all supplies were white, but because of light conditions, they look grey.

What Was Used

Sheetrock brand All Purpose Joint Compound

Homax Acoustic Texture Patch for Ceilings, which comes with a brush applicator

Small knife

(All supplies, besides the knife from my kitchen drawer, were purchased at Menards)

What Was Done

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