How to Clean Tile Grout

 How To Clean Dirty Grout

Dirty grout is a common problem. But with so many cleaning tips floating around on the internet, it’s hard to know what to believe. So I decided to take the guess work out of it by testing a few methods and reporting back to you. Read on to see what I discovered…  


I tried three different techniques – fresh lemon juice, Oxiclean and sulfamic acid cleaner (which can be purchased at your local home improvement store). Continue Reading

Make It: DIY Gold-Leaf Polka Dot Ceramics

created at: 08/14/2012
It’s playful and stylish, chic and cheery all rolled into a big ball of upcycled goodness: DIY gold-leaf polka dot ceramics! Let’s make some, shall we?    

Casey from Vitamini Handmade shares this awesome tutorial for turning plain, old ceramics into stylish, gold-spotted dishes. All you need is a gold leafing kit (which run around $8-ish), your ceramic bowls of choice (good excuse for a thrift store run), and a soft, wide paint brush. Once you’ve gathered your supplies, check out Vitamini Handmade to see how to make your own gold-confettied wonders! Continue Reading

Make It: Pretty Painted Porcelain Plates!

created at: 03/01/2012

Hey, when I see an alliteration, I run with it!  And to be completely honest, these porcelain plates ARE pretty.  They’re also extremely easy to make and affordable to boot!   

Jennifer Hagler from A Merry Mishap has single-handedly convinced me to run to my local craft store (this instant!) and buy myself a porcelain pen… or five.  Not only are they cheap, cheap, cheap, but they come in all kinds of colors.  Imagine the possibilities, people! Continue Reading

Grow It: 25 Awesome Modern Planters!

created at: 06/16/2011

Whether you’re looking to add a bit of modern flare to a deck, patio, entryway, or windowsill, you’ve come to the right place.  We’ve rounded up over 25 hip planters that are sure to add a mod vibe to your living space!  If you’re ready to get growin’ in style, read on!   

created at: 06/16/2011

1. Wall Mounted Mini Pots by Thelermont Hupton available from A+R Store

2. Hugo Pot by OFFI available from Design Public

3. Galvanized Planters from CB2

4. Continue Reading

Roundup: 20 Hip Gifts for Mod Mamas

created at: 04/28/2011

Chances are there’s at least one hip mama in your life.  Why not celebrate that fact with a perfectly suitable – and stylish – gift this Mother’s Day?  To help you out, we’ve rounded up 20 gift ideas that we’re sure any mod mom would love!   

created at: 04/28/2011

1. Hanging Planter from Wallter: $72

2. Porcelain and Wood Teapot from Marimekko: $79

3. Ceramic Canister Set from ModCloth: $43 / set of 3

4. Antico Frantoio Muraglia ‘Intenso’ Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Ceramic Jar from Dean&Deluca: $48

5. Continue Reading

Curbly Gift Guide: The Ultimate Mid-Century Modern Gift Guide

created at: 12/04/2010

You guys, I am so stoked about this gift guide!  From art to books to pottery, we’ve rounded up a collection of gift ideas that are sure to delight the Mid-Century Modern enthusiast on your list.  Get your clicker fingers ready, because this is going to be awesome.  

created at: 12/04/2010

First up are these gorgeous ampersand cutting boards from House Industries, one of my favorite type foundries (and the folks behind Curbly’s signature font: Neutraface).  Solid maple and 1.5 inches thick, these bad boys would definitely make a statement in any modernist’s kitchen. Continue Reading

Upside Down Planters

created at: 2010/02/03

Hungry for live plants? How about getting a fresh perspective on things with the Sky Planter? Nothing will lift the winter doldrums like fresh, live plants  hanging upside down in your house. The ceramic planters

created at: 2010/02/03

available from Velocity Art and Design have hit the scene providing all sorts of good for your home and garden. Designed by New Zealander, Patrick Morris, his award winning design conserves water

  • purifies air
  • saves floor space
  • only needs watering twice a month
  • requires minimal and minimalistic hanging apparatus
  • shakes up your conventional view of planters

Available from Velocity starting at $25.00