Clipped: Inspiration from around the Web

Curbly’s Clippings section is a trove of user-gathered design inspiration. Check it out if your looking for some ideas, or create an account and get started saving your own clippings! Here are some of my recent favorites:

Pendant lamps array

Wood paneling in a bathroom

Sustainable Malibu house

Pendant lamp

Patterned fabric

Want more pictures? Try browsing the clippings by tag. Try all ‘Green’ clippings

Green clippings

Or, how about everything tagged ‘Modern’:

Modern clippings

If you find something really cool, let us know in the comments!

Clipped: Inspiration from around the Web

As usual, Curbly’s Clippings page is full of great inspiring images from all over the internet this week. Here’s a quick roundup in case you missed it:

This abstract acyrlilic block with scrap wood suspended inside makes a striking sculpture.

Possibly the best use of a Pantone color guide that I’ve ever seen. Ok, definitely.

I tweeted this one already, but still, I love the use of turqoise in this kitchen (and normally I hate it, even though it’s one of the few color words my daughter knows … she’s two, so don’t judge).  Continue Reading

Clipped: Suitcase Chairs, Felted Ornaments and More

You might not have noticed Curbly’s amazing ‘Clippings’ feature – it allows anyone to log in and clip images from around the web and save them to their Curbly account (see below for instructions).

This month, our users have been clipping up a storm! Here are some of my favorites:

Suitcase Chair Felted ball ornaments

Les Choux des Creteil designed by Gerard Grandval

Amazing bookshelf dining room

awesome workspace

And you can even browse clippings by tag! Check out all the “Red Clippings”:

All the red clippings

Or browse through the “Holiday Clippings” to get some decor inspiration:

Holiday clippings - inspiration

Get Started With Clippings:

To use Clippings, just log in and select ‘My Clippings’ from the user menu:

How to get to your clippings in the user menu.

Then just drag the ‘Curbly It!’ bookmarklet in the righthand sidebar to your bookmarks tool bar, and click it whenever you want to save something.