DIY Cat Condo Tutorial Using Milk Crates

Here's a quick DIY cat condo tutorial for you to try out using milk crates as the base.

Whenever I do a project I always challenge myself to use just what I have on hand to the greatest extent possible. The few things I bought for this project were glue stick refills and a bit of catnip spray to try and attract claws to the sides when done. Simple DIY Cat Condo

I started out with two plastic crates, that weren't exactly the same size, and cut holes out to make doorways. Continue Reading

Seattle’s Smallest Condo?

Remember Felice’s 90 square foot Upper East Side NYC microstudio apartment? Well, Steve Sauer’s Seattle diggs is huge in comparison, but at 182 square feet, it’s still pretty small.    

created at: 05/06/2011

Of course, small size doesn’t mean it’s small in style. It looks like Steve has taken advantage of every square inch of his space.

See more images at Sharona Design and to read about Steve’s diminutive condo, visit The Seattle Times.