Build Your Pooch a Stretch and Screw Canvas Cot

Our itchy, smelly, terrier mutt Chip is having all sorts of skin issues in this hot weather. Even with his new crew cut and gourmet baths, sometimes he just wreaks and the fabric covered pillow bed I made him isn’t smelling so fresh either. So, I’m liking MonkeyBoy 13′s easy, breezy dog cot made out of PVC pipe and canvas. Chip could lounge up off the ground, air moving all around him, plus enjoy the comfort of the sling-like cot. Continue Reading

Learn How to Turn Wood

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If you see really beautifully turned wooden bowls, like at an art fair, stop and take a look. It’s easy to overlook how much time goes into making a wood bowl on a lathe. This has to be due to the abundance of mass-produced, zero personality wooden bowls on the market.

created at: 07/22/2010

To see a bowl in this lump of wood, well, it’s beyond me.

But look! It’s taking shape.

created at: 07/22/2010

Hollowing out the inside.

created at: 07/22/2010

Awww nuts! Due to a sap ball, the wood was defective, but can still make a beautiful piece of sculptural art. Continue Reading

How To Build a Platform Bed, Deck, or Poolside Lounger for Under $30


Aeray is a professional carpenter, furniture maker, designer and builder and he’s frustrated with the overbuilding and over-engineering done on simple DIY projects. His goal for his tutorial on Instructables is to illustrate how to simply and inexpensively build a multipurpose platform deck that can be used for a queen sized bed, a futon mattress, or a waterproofed, cushioned poolside lounger (as suggested by one commenter).


For under $30.00, low-waste, a few tools, and an hour or two, you can build it. Continue Reading

The 1915 Book of DIY Everything


Back in 1915, Myron G. Burton made his claim to fame by writing a book entitled, Shop Projects Based on Community Problems. It’s only appropriate that we’re recycling these old, but good, simple plans for just about everything. You may not need a seed corn rack or a feed scoop, but everyone can use a necktie rack, broom holder, and a box kite.  My favorites are the fly trap, camp stool, and flower trellis, although there are so many plans and projects in this one book, I’m going to have to hunt it down. Continue Reading

DIY Castle Building 101

created at: 05/20/2010

What would impel a guy to DIY a castle? Oh, I don’t know, maybe being inspired by a beautiful stone in the road, gratitude for divine intervention, or maybe fifteen years of prison for not converting from catholic to protestent. Or, maybe you just start mixing up cement and goat’s milk and start slapping together old car parts, telephone poles and rail tracks. Next thing you know, you’ve got yourself a castle. Read more…

created at: 05/20/2010

Built almost entirely by themselves (don’t you think family members and friends were probably guilted into helping out), these fourteen guys must have had one of those DIY moments and thought, ‘What the heck, I want a castle, I can just do this myself’. Continue Reading

How To Build a Backyard Tree House

created at: 04/07/2010

Photos: Popluar Mechanics

We’ve all seen photos of amazing tree house architecture, but nothing compares to this dad’s tender narrative of building his kids’ their own backyard tree fort. The next best thing to letting his kids build it themselves is reading about his recollection of the construction of his own childhood perch with his neighborhood friends, an all but extinct experience these days. His story, intertwined with a descriptive How To, evoked sweet memories of my own childhood summers filled with treacherous climbs up to our homemade shack and our summer long attempts to make it cozier by adding carpet, floor tiles, and eventually shingles. Continue Reading

Create Professional Design Elements Using Stock Wood Molding

created at: 04/06/2010

Stock wood trim is one of the best kept secrets at the home improvement store. If you’ve seen the choices of wood molding available but you don’t really know how you can use it, check out these design and architectural elements for some DIY inspiration. All you’ll need to get started is an inexpensive miter box, some wood glue, nails and a tape measure.

created at: 04/06/2010

created at: 04/06/2010

created at: 04/06/2010

created at: 04/06/2010

Better Homes & Garden’s DIY site has more great design ideas for you to consider. Continue Reading

How To: Build a Stowable Upholstery Workbench

created at: 2009/11/25

How are you all ever going to get that chair reupholstered without a proper upholstery height workbench?  The right tools are a must. You see, upholstering on the floor is no good. You get up and down and have to flip and lift furniture to get all around it. A normal table height is no good either, a chair is way too high up to get the leverage you need.  Now there’s an answer. Just follow my simple instructions and photos of the Mr. Continue Reading

Two-Story Prefab

A Beautiful Bend Oregon Green Prefab

From Stillwater Dwellings in Bend, Oregon, this 2,950 s.f. prefab should sway any prefab-nay-sayers. Take a look inside:

A Beautiful Bend Oregon Green Prefab3

Besides being gorgeous, Stillwater Dwellings are seriously eco-friendly as evidenced by such things as bamboo, low-VOC paints, high efficiency lighting and high-performance insulation, as well as many other ‘green’ choices. And get this, their prefab factories produce 50% to 75% less waste than traditional site-built homes. I wonder if they deliver??

A Beautiful Bend Oregon Green Prefab4

A Beautiful Bend Oregon Green Prefab5

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