Before and After: A DIY Playhouse that Adults will Envy

Photo: Little Green Notebook

Occasionally, I’ll see a kid’s backyard playhouse and think about how it would make a cool office, but it’s rare. So, when I saw the after version of this basic playhouse, I had to a double take to make sure it wasn’t an actual house. Want to see how it turned out?


Here’s how the playhouse from Little Green Notebook turned out…

Photo: Little Green Notebook
Photo: Little Green Notebook

The inside is still pretty raw, based on the photos, but the outside is the perfect little cottage house. Continue Reading

Water Damaged to Wonderful: A Chic Dresser Makeover!

created at: 07/18/2011

This flea market find was in dire need of some TLC.  Fortunately, it landed in just the right hands!  Ready for the after?  Read on!  

Layla Palmer, a blogger (The Lettered Cottage) and interior designer, picked up this water damaged dresser at a local flea market.  After an initial “distressed-style” makeover (seen here), she decided it needed something a little more.  Ultimately, a $998 Anthropologie dresser held the inspiration she needed: numbered drawers!   Continue Reading

365 Square Feet of Fabulosity

This year’s winner of AT’s Small, Cool Contest (of the Teeny-Tiny division) was this little cottage. Its occupant, Beth, is into ‘slow design’, which means she picks up one piece at a time, whether it be a souvenir, a family heirloom, or a flea market find. All come together in complete harmony. Beth hosted AT SF for a full house tour, although the abbreviated tour from the original entry is quite lovely as well. 

Shepherds’ Huts–the Perfect Backyard Getaways?

Back in the day, shepherds used shepherds’ huts as a means to keep an eye on their flocks during cold nights during lambing season. A staple of the English countryside, they’re not used much for their original intent these days. However, thanks to companies like Plankbridge, Dorset, the charming huts have found new lives as home offices, garden rooms, music rooms and studios.

Tradition, above all, is honored at Plankbridge. Their huts are hand made using Douglas fir or Larch using timber-frame housing techniques. Continue Reading

Two Inspirational Little Recycled Cottages

Jeffrey Gantert and Brad Bloom might be my new
heroes. They built these two dainty, arty and adorable cottages by hand
with recycled materials and a healthy does of whimsy.

created on: 11/27/08

foundations of the cottages are made from brick salvaged from old
chimneys, arranged in an ornamental way and dotted with gloriously human
little touches like a broken plate and a discarded Buddha. With gable ends carved into wings and downspouts made of olive oil tins fashioned
into the shape of Calla Lilies it is absolutely evident that these
chaps “approach buildings and gardens much as an artist might a blank
canvas”. Continue Reading

Dinky Dwellings

McMansions all over the country are quaking on their foundations. Gigantic houses are quickly falling out of favor for a more diminutive abode. Enter the 400 square foot mini home.

McHurricanes, McBoomers, and McMansions

In response to FEMA trailers hauled out an masse after hurricane Katrina, New York based designer Marianne Cusato drew up plans for a more appealing alternative. Namely, the Katrina Cottage, for which she won the Cooper-Hewitt Peoples’ Design Award. The cottage’s appeal has transcended disaster zones among those wanting to live on the cozy side. Continue Reading