Roundup: 10 Invaluable Online Resources To Help You Start Your Own Creative Business

10 Creative Business Online Resources
Photo: Creative Live

If you’re contemplating starting your own creative business but don’t know where to begin, you’re not alone. The prospect of becoming your own boss can be a daunting one. So today I’m sharing ten online resources that have been invaluable to me throughout my journey to becoming a small business owner. And the best part? Most of them are free!   



10 Invaluable Online Resources To Help You Start A Creative Business
Photo: By Regina

1. By Regina – This website has a wealth of (free) information beyond just creating an action plan. Continue Reading

Curbly Gift Guide: The Best Toys for Creative Thinking

If you’re serious about raising creative, imaginative, problem solving kids, you need to focus on toys that are open ended and not prescribed by a toy developer. Thoughtful consideration about the quality of play can result in toys that provide the delicious opportunity for kids to use their own noggin’ to develop stories, build structures, paint pictures, role play and problem solve. Toys that spoon feed a set start-to-finish experience rob kids of the chance to discover some very interesting side roads that can provide lessons and knowledge no one else could manufacture for them. Continue Reading

DIY Wedding Gift: A Gift Card Recipe Box

created at: 10/25/2010

Our dearest friends got married last weekend, and we were tickled to pieces. We’ve known them for years and years and when they decided to take the leap, we replied, “Well it’s about time.” These two people belong together, and we wanted to commemorate the start of their journey as a wedded couple in a special way. But, we had a hard time coming up with an appropriate gift to mark the occasion.

The gift they gave us when we got married was thoughtful and unique, and we treasured it. Continue Reading

Show Off Your or Your Kids’ Halloween Costume

created at: 10/20/2010

If you hadn’t noticed from our content the past few weeks, Curbly is a big fan of Halloween. There’s nothing like this holiday that inspires folks to get creative with their home decor, out in the yard, or in the kitchen. But, of course, the true trophy of DIY Halloweenisity is the costume. Whether created for little trick-or-treaters who can’t wait for candy, or for grown-ups who can’t wait for their own Halloween traditions, we think they’re just plain fun. Continue Reading

7 Ways to Decorate a Blank Space

created on: 01/23/09

Whether you’re re-doing your blah bedroom or trying to add some pizzazz to your uneventful living room, here are some tricks of the trade that will certainly help you work magic by creating visual distractions and/or attractions to fool the eye. Living, Etc. offers 7 simple ways to transform some serious room shortcomings into fabulous and interesting design. Any one of these projects will bump up your room desirablility, but more importantly, it will ignite your creative juices for other inevitable re-do urges.   Continue Reading

9 Ways To Create A Creative Space

created on: 01/16/09

If this time of year gives you an organisational/creative
kick in the pants you could do a lot worse than start with Amy Shearn’s
9 great tips for making a creative space

1. Choose a Space
(‘choose’might be a bit of a stretch for those of us who are still
apartment dwellers.) but finding a nook and designating it is a good

2. consult the masters – she’s talking feng shui not something creepy. Continue Reading

Clever Storage: Use Empty Prescription Bottles for Small Supplies.

From needles and pins to x-acto knife blades to guitar picks, those little things that are essential to our hobbies, crafts, and projects are often the hardest to store, or worse, the hardest to find. So Julie Kundhi came up with this clever reuse – prescription or medication bottles with child safety features. And, to cover that awful pharmacy sienna or the generic pharmacy painkiller label, she provides this charming how-to to make them match your creative motif. Continue Reading