Ban Your Beige Sofa Blues with Playful Tufting!

created at: 05/23/2011

Is your beige sofa getting you down?  Consider giving it a playful (and colorful) facelift!  

created at: 05/23/2011

Lori Dunbar, a stationery designer and blogger, had had enough of the beige blahs and decided her sofa needed a bit of a makeover.  Armed with a button kit and some colorful vintage fabric, she set to work giving her run-of-the-mill sofa a few playful additions.  I think it’s safe to say that the after is anything but boring!

Check out Lori’s blog Paisley Wallpaper for more about this project as well as step-by-step instructions for creating your own custom buttons! Continue Reading

How to Make Custom Fabric with Tape

Have you ever shopped for printed fabric in a particular color palette and couldn’t find exactly what you were looking for? It’s happened to me countless times, which is why making your own printed fabric is sometimes the best way to go. I used buttons a while back to suit my needs, but here’s an even easier method: use tape and a bit of fabric paint. Jessica from How About Orange explains all, but basically it just involves some painter’s tape, fabric paint and a foam brush. Continue Reading

Design Your OWN Modern Bedding

created at: 02/24/2011

Up till now, when we’ve wanted to design our own bedding, we’d have to have it custom (code for ‘expensive’) made or we’d have to make it ourselves. Now inmod lets us design our own bedding for just a few hundred bucks, and they’ve made the process so fun it’s kind of addictive! 

created at: 02/24/2011

To design our own bedding on inmod, we simply choose a pattern, fabric color and type, colors for embroidery details and a size. Continue Reading

Design Your Own Dutchie Cruiser

created at: 06/03/2010

Urban Outfitters has joined forces with Republic Bikes to let you design your own custom, retro flavored, yet modernly styled Plato Dutch bike. It’s like putting together a great outfit, only better. Pick out colors for  your frame, saddle, grips, chaincase, tires and skirt. The Dutchie is a single speed workhorse with old school practicality. It’s budget friendly at only $399 and they’ll ship it to your door. These photos prove that bicycles are very photogenic…

created at: 06/03/2010

created at: 06/03/2010


Click here to find your own design.

8 Ways to Customize Your Billy Bookcase.

050609-billybookcase.jpgTo celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Billy Bookcase system, Ikea is not only issuing a book, but a special grafitti-ish version covered in Shakespeare quotes. [Perhaps the source of the “Billy” name those thirty years ago?]

But the Swedish manufaktürer isn’t the only one gettin’ in on some customized Billy-ness. For year, decorators, DIYsters, and other Ikea Hackers have been given these classics some color and flair. The Guardian Online has created a collection here. Continue Reading

DIY Themed Bookends.

Simple, useful, and handmade. These are the kinds of projects the DIYosphere lives for.

Bookend - 9

From EvilMadScientist: “We said that it’s simple, and it is: it’s a brick wrapped in a piece of paper…hese are “cement bricks” — red dyed cement– and cost about $0.25 each. Wrapping them up keeps them from scratching up your shelves and books.” These left-brainers chose some Psis and brackets for their physics texts, but the technique is simple and could be applied to anything!

How to: Make an Easy and Inexpensive DIY Frame for Posters and Art (Video Tutorial)

An attractive frame for artwork always beats thumbtacks or the sticky stuff, but custom jobs at the framing shop come with sky-high prices, often more than you paid for that wonderful screen print from Etsy or the perfect vintage concert tour poster.

So, skip the frame shop altogether, and head to the hardware store for this easy and customizable DIY to protect and showcase your favorite pieces.

Check out Curbly’s YouTube page and subscribe! Continue Reading

Custom DIY Paint-By-Pixel Art

Artist Mike Edwards has brought paint-by-number to the 21st century, and it’s very cool! Basically, you upload a photo to Mike’s website, which will be transformed into a numbered grid. You can print it off–for FREE–and start painting right away, or you can go to Urban Outfitters and order a Paint by Pixel Kit ($20) that includes paper, a classic grey scale paint set, and brushes. You can also find ‘chromatically arranged paint sets’ on the DIY Art website, which afford several other color choices. Continue Reading