Recycled DIY Robot!

Some questions are timeless and all important, for example, Beatles or
Stones? Batman or Superman? Pirates or Ninjas? And perhaps the most
important of all, ‘would you rather have a Monkey or a Robot?’ Well,
for folks coming down on the robot side, there is this fellow:created on: 12/19/08

The blurb says “Turn any empty metal can into a walking, wobbling bug-eyed robot! This
Tin Can Robot Kit comes with pretty much everything you’ll need to take
recycling to a whole other level. Continue Reading

Friendly Vegetables Centerpieces

I do love it when Martha brings the weird, and by weird I mean completely adorable and kooky…

created on: 12/02/08

Who doesn’t love friendly, anthropomorphous root vegetables? Not me! To make this centerpiece you’ll need

  • A selection of root vegetables (oooh, and I would name them… Mr. White, Mr. Pink, Mr. Blue Mr.Rogers)
  • Push pins for eyeballs (I might add googly eyes)
  • A craft knife and a black marker.

You clean the chaps up, poke in the pins for eyes, cut a half moon
shape for a mouth and colour it in with the marker, arrange them in a
suitably menacing, cute, or bizarro way and voila, if you’re anything
like me it will have to cackling with glee for days. Continue Reading

Make Teacup Candles

Teacups with saucers make the world more ladylike and dainty and thus
brilliant. If you combine teacups and saucers and candles you get
either a tea party waiting for a place to happen or these:created on: 11/20/08
Candles! Guest blogger Kate over at Design*Sponge made these lovely
little fellows.  So cute, and I think they might be what
ModHomeEcTeacher was talking about in her post about repurposing thrift
store stuff
to make gifts.

Here’s what you’ll need to make them:

  • teacups (saucers optional) – Kate got hers from thrift stores
  • wax – she used microwaveable soy wax
  • candle wicks (at least 1″ taller than your cup)
  • candle scent or dye (optional)
  • microwaveable container
  • hot glue gun
  • thermometer

They look dead simple to make, head over here for the rest of the
. Continue Reading

How To ‘Make’ Soap Cupcakes

created on: 11/18/08

love the idea of making soap but am totally scared off by the
complex-science-molten-fat part. These cupcakes are super easy to do,
as technically you reshape soap as opposed to making it.

we start I have to say that I know the ‘icing’ on these is pretty lame,
certainly no Bakerella creation, but that is more to do with me than
the technique. I am infamously horrible at cake decoration. Every
cupcake I’ve ever made has looked like it was iced by an angry drunken chimp. Continue Reading

Eames Rubber Stamps

Want 12 Eames classics for $13.57? Done.

created on: 10/25/08

only catch is that they might be a bit, well, 2-dimensional and OK sure,
they’re only a few inches tall, but really, aside from that they’re
perfect in every way. This set,
available from Amazon includes all the iconic pieces and the various
motifs too. If you were, say, intending to make your own wrapping paper
this holiday season you could do worse than a MCM theme. Continue Reading

Ribbon Up Your Bathroom

Realsimple has a cute way to use up the squillion meters of ribbon that you might happen to have tucked away. (Compulsive ribbon buyer? Moi?)

created on: 10/08/08

Whip your old shower curtain hooks off and replace them with lengths of ribbon, tie them off and snip the ends at an angle. Practical? Maybe, maybe not, but it’s cheap, has big impact and it’s super easy to change when you get bored.

A spot of the same ribbon sewn onto the bottom of a few hand towels would totally pull the look together. Continue Reading

Easy Button Projects

Check out these cute as a button button projects from Scrapbooks Etc.


A plain old lampshade gets a lot of personality, thanks to a colorful collection of buttons!

created on: 08/29/08


Who knew you could turn buttons into flowers and with such darling results?!

created on: 08/29/08

An easy finishing touch to a photo could be a button frame.

created on: 08/29/08

Big buttons add a lot of fun to this tab curtain window topper.

created on: 08/29/08

To learn how to put these and other button projects into practice, go to Scrapbooks Etc. Continue Reading