Curbly At Home: Capree’s Cluttered Corner


created at: 03/14/2011This month, along with great tips for Spring Cleaning and organization, we’re showing you some of Curbly’s own cluttered corners or jam-packed junk drawers.  Excited for some behind-the-scenes dirt?  Read on!     

Our kitchen has this little built-in desk area, something that I’m sure was intended to be useful but now serves only as a dumping ground (as you can see).  It’s littered with packages to be mailed, catalogues, bills, birthday presents (my birthday was over three weeks ago), coupons, random junk, a hammer (?), and on and on.  Continue Reading

10 lies you tell yourself about clutter

After reading Green Daily’s lies we tell ourselves about clutter, I realize I have been less than honest with my flotsam and jetsam. By no means am I a pack rat. However, I do have stashes here and there that really could be pared down considerably. My craft supplies, for instance. Some of that stuff I haven’t used in years, but in the back of my mind I just KNOW that as soon as I give it away or throw it out, I’ll need it. Continue Reading

Zen and the Art of Renovating Your Home…and Life

created at: 08/04/2010

We talk a lot about home renovation around here, but what if you want to renovate your life? One way to take on this monumental task is by following the Chinese Proverb that says, If you want to change your life, move 27 things in your home. It is the connection between ourselves and our living spaces and the energy we share that is the meat and potatoes of author and feng shui consultant Tisha Morris’s new book, 27 Things To Feng Shui Your Home Continue Reading