DIY [Removable] Vinyl Wall Art.

With a bit of contact paper, a scissors, and some creativity, you can cover your walls with these sweet handmade vinyl decals.


  • ConTact paper (a brand of low-tack, self-adhesive vinyl, commonly used by grandmas as “shelf liners”, has a very matte finish)
  • Tape (preferably easily visible and low-stick, like painter’s tape or masking tape)
  • Writing utensil (marker or pencil)
  • Scissors
  • Large sized scrap paper (like used news papers or newsprint)
  • Plastic card (like a library card – this is not pictured.)

DIY Vinyl Wall Decals

Bold, graphic wall decals have been everywhere the last few years, but I’ve yet to see a DIYable option (have you? Post it below). Thankfully Danielle Thompson has taken the plunge, and done it up the DIY route.

She writes, “Really, you can create your OWN for much less money and that it’s easy!

So I was like, “YES! i can do this MYSELF!” LOL. So I started searching stock photography sites a few weeks ago, found what I wanted, found a local sign shop, emailed my files to them, and picked up the finished product today. Continue Reading

New from Blik Wee Re-Stik

Blik, those purveyors of wall decals, have some new Re-Stik’s for the Wee crowd. Removable and repositionable, like all their Re-Stik’s, these high-contrast geometric shapes and friendly, hand-drawn animals are said to be fascinating to new-borns, older kids and their parents. The $38 packages include 31 decals for the Dino collection, 47 decals for the Garden collection, and 78 decals for the Jungle collection. Visit Blik for additional Wee Re-Stik products.

blik’s Stickers for Grown-Ups

blik just might be the king of decals. Their peel and stick ‘stickers for grown-ups’ allow users ‘to easily transform the look of a living or office space in minutes.’ A cool addition to their product line are the Re-Stik™ assortment, which can be applied and RE-applied over and over again.

Want something a bit more literary? How about custom made prose? You submit your favorite poem, quote or phrase–in the size, font and color of your choice–and blik will do the rest. Continue Reading