Take a Tour of Trenton + Cambria’s Minimalist Home and Learn Some Amazing Tips for Staying Organized

A Minimalist Home Tour and Tips For Staying Organized

Today is an exciting day! Let’s take a peek inside the charming townhouse of an equally charming Canadian couple, Trenton and Cambria. Located in a quaint town just 20 minutes outside of Calgary, Alberta, you will find this darling and minimal home, full of bright light, airy spaces and crisp white walls that really allow their handmade furniture pieces to shine. Plus, they share some tips and tricks into how they live this perfectly simple and minimal life.  Continue Reading

A Small Hallway Gets a Minimal Makeover

Hallways can often be the spaces in the home that get overlooked and definitely taken for granted. They seem to just be a pointless area that allows transportation from one room to the next. And really, they deserve just as much attention to detail than any other space in the house. It might just be an area that feels aimless and wayward, but maybe it just needs a little love and attention.  

Three years ago when we first moved into our home, this space had mint green walls and the ever-so-common flush mount lighting. Continue Reading

You Can Totally Make These: Hand-Painted Scandinavian Stockings

Make These: Hand-painted Scandinavian-inspired stockings

Guess what? Christmas is almost here! I'm super excited, and grateful that I can finally start to decorate my home for the holidays. Last year I went for a Scandinavian-theme with my holiday decor, and this year I'm continuing the motif. I love the care and simplicity of the Nordic patterns that pop up during this season, and I decided I wanted to replicate those patterns on some hand-painted Scandinavian stockings. It was easier than it looks – keep reading to see how it works!                Continue Reading

How to: Simple and Stylish DIY Paper Christmas Trees

Easy DIY Metallic Paper Trees
Photo: Faith Towers

I've had a minor obsession with metallics this holiday season. Okay, a major one. So when I spotted these textured scrapbook pages at the craft store, I knew I had to have them. I began experimenting with a pencil compass, and I came up with a fun metallic Christmas tree.   


Easy DIY Metallic Paper Trees
Photo: Faith Towers

And then I kept making more and more, and suddenly I had an entire forest. And the best part? These are super easy to make.       Continue Reading

Make This: Colorful Leaf Garland for Fall and Thanksgiving

DIY fall leaf garland for Thanksgiving

Autumn brings to mind some of the best memories for me, like the crunch of leaves underfoot, the crisp, fresh air and the trees ablaze in brilliant shades of red and yellow.

It’s only natural to want to bring some of those elements indoors, and one easy way to do this is by making a fall leaf garland to show off those fantastic fall colors.       

DIY fall leaf garland for Thanksgiving

This is a nice, quick project for an afternoon indoors, so grab a hot chocolate and a pair of scissors and let’s get crafting! Continue Reading

8 Simple Home Upgrades You Can Do The Day You Move In

About to move? Do you mostly love your new home, but there are just a few things that are outdated and won’t stop bugging you?

Don’t worry, you can still love your house in transition. Here are eight simple (and mostly inexpensive) things you can do on (or soon after) move in day to help your house feel more like you.   



1. Upgrade your locks

I know this doesn’t have a huge impact on your home, but upgrading your exterior locks will help you immediately feel secure in a new space. Continue Reading

Simple Solutions to Help Refresh Your Lifeless Patio for Summer

Simple Solutions to Help Refresh Your Lifeless Patio for Summer

Can you believe it’s that time of year again…summertime! I don’t know about you, but we spend as much time outside enjoying all the good weather while we can. And that’s kind of the norm around here when you spend a lot of time indoors hibernating during those long winter months. In order to celebrate the most wonderful time of year, here in Canada anyway, a good outdoor living area is a must! As much as I love a good black and white interior, outdoors is all about celebrating color and pattern! Continue Reading

Three Simple Ways to Style a Table for Spring

Three Simple Ways to Style a Table for Spring

If you’re searching for some modern and minimal ways to style your dining room table this spring, then look no further! Whether you’re in search for a day-to-day look, hosting an afternoon tea or fun dinner party, we have three simple ways you can style your dining table with pieces you might already have kicking around the home!    


A look for every day:     


Three Ways to Style a Table for Spring

As always, with each look begin with getting rid of any clutter – this might include items in the background that might take away from your space by making things feel a bit over crowded!  Continue Reading

How to: Give Your Space a Scandinavian- Inspired Vibe with Removable Wallpaper

How to: Give Your Space a Scandinavian- Inspired Vibe with Removable Wallpaper

Not too long ago, we gave our family room a mini makeover. But it didn’t feel quite like us or flow well with the rest of our home. We love all things Scandinavian-inspired and I knew that I wanted the space to feel cozy and welcoming. Before, our space felt a bit blunt and loud. Our geometric painted wall was one of the first things that caught your eye in the space and I wanted to finally get rid of the turquoise color, which was never really my favorite anyway. Continue Reading

Renter-Friendly DIY: How to Customize Your Own Removable Wallpaper

Customized Removable Wallpaper

Living in a rental is not my ideal situation, but I’ve learned to make the best of the space that I have and still make the customizations that I want. One of the best ways to customize a space is with a fun accent wall, and for renters who cannot paint or apply wallpaper, removable wallpaper is king! I wanted to create a completely customized accent wall without painting it, so instead, I created customized removable wallpaper using a form of solid-colored contact paper. Continue Reading