Downloadable: 4 Palm Springs-Inspired Desktop Wallpapers You Gotta Have this Summer

4 Palm Springs inspired desktop wallpapers

I can't even begin tell you how much I want to go to Palm Springs one day. It's got everything I could ever want in a getaway –  oodles of sunshine, poolside cocktails, canyons and hiking trails to explore – what's not to love?

And although it might be awhile before I get there (it's a long way away from where I am here in Australia), that doesn't stop me dreaming about all things related to summer holidays. Continue Reading

Organize your computer’s desktop in three steps.


created on: 02/27/08

Currently I have 21 shortcuts on my desktop. I didn’t think that was a lot, but now, after reading Make Use Of’s 3 Steps to an Organized Desktop, I think it might be. I mean, at least 5 of my shortcuts are in my start menu, so do I really need the shortcuts? How short do shortcuts need to be, anyway? As I ponder this and other cosmic questions, I’ll let you to the article, after which you might want to check out The Best Resources to Pimp Your WallpaperContinue Reading

My New Craft Room: The Work Station

With the walls painted, it was time to address the work station. I considered the surface space that seemed comfortable. I wanted enough room to spread out but not so big that it would overpower the room. I decided 22″ by 48″ would work just fine. As it happened, we had an old, laminated desktop–leftover from another re-do–out in the garage accumulating dust. It was on the big size, so MWT* trimmed it down to size. Continue Reading