Cocofruit: The Interactive Fruitbowl


Take a bite out of Michael Bihain's Cocofruit, part of the incredible and edible “Fruit to Create” series.


I'm totally gonna make one of these: I dunno how, and I can't [yet] mold plywood, but it's gonna happen.

“Cocofruit teaches us how to play with the various weights and shapes of the fruit. You will be delighted to put them into it time and time again.”




The Fix Its: How To Revive Your Dining Room Chairs

Are your dining room chairs on their last legs? Mine were. They were already looking bad three years ago when I bought them for $40 at a thrift store. Well, this weekend, Alicia and I decided we’d had enough:

Thanks for watching our first-ever installment of ‘The Fix Its’ (that’s me and Alicia); we plan on doing lots more. If you have a suggestion for a project or a topic you’d like us to cover, please let us knowContinue Reading