Does Cleaning Your Dishwasher with Kool-Aid Really Work?

How to clean your dishwasher with kool aid - does it really work?

We're wrapping up the “Does It Work?” Challenge with a suburban legend. For years I've heard that you can use powdered lemonade mix to clean the rust stains out of your dishwasher. So, in honor of cleaning and organization month, we're putting the powder to the test to answer the burning question, does it work?

This dishwasher came with the house. And so did the rust stains. To be honest, they didn't really bother me all that much. Continue Reading

How to Get Your Dishwasher to Actually Clean Your Dishes.

I know, I know. It seems entirely counterintuitive. It seems a bit lazy. Perhaps even unsanitary.

But the reason your dishwasher isn’t getting all your flat- and serveware entirely clean?

Pre-rinsing it. Huh.

” ‘Pre-rinsing dishes is a big mistake,” said John Dries, a mechanical engineer and the owner of Dries Engineering, an appliance design consulting company in Louisville, Ky. “People assume that the dishwasher will perform better if you put in cleaner dishes, and that’s not true. Continue Reading

10 Odd Things to Put in Your Dishwasher

Dishwashers can do more interesting stuff than just cleaning your dishes. Here’s some other items that could stand a stint in the dishwasher.

10. Glass light fixtures. (Light cycle.)

9. Vegetable brushes and pot scrubbers. (Top rack might be the way to go here.)

8. Plastic baby toys. (Preferably ones without batteries, but even those could survive a stint in the washer. See proof here.)

7. Plastic desktop paraphernalia, like pen cups and paperclip holders. Continue Reading