Three Ways to Remove Paint from Door Hardware

Three methods for removing old paint from hardware

I’m currently living in a home that has most likely been painted at least every 2 years since the 50s. The paint-history totally shows on all the door knobs, playing out in accidental swipe marks and drips. If you were to peek behind the knobs you could literally see the years play out in paint layers, with many of those layers ending up on the hardware itself. They say it’s the details that create the big picture, and after seeing how sleeker my hardware looks after stripping it, I have to agree.  Continue Reading

Contemporary Glass Door Knobs

created at: 03/02/2011

I know someone, who shall remain nameless, who, when about to move out of their early 20th century walk-up apartment, absconded with all of the flat’s period glass door knobs. In (somewhat) defense of the renter, s/he did replace them with standard metal door knobs from the hardware store. This was back in the ’70s, so the replacements could very well have been seen as an upgrade. Seriously, though, is there anything more eye-catching in door hardware than a glass knob? Continue Reading

DIY: Sliding Barn Door From Salvaged Wood

created at: 02/17/2011

It’s equal parts rustic, modern, and cottage chic – but there’s one thing this sliding barn door is not: boring.  

created at: 02/17/2011

Chalk it up to the bold yellow color, the nostalgia (the wood was salvaged from the family farm), or the slick hanging device, this barn door is anything but ordinary.  Dana, the DIY diva from the fabulous blog House*Tweaking, has two posts up on how to create a similar look in your own home.  Check out part one and part two for step-by-step instructions and info on where to get (and how to hang) the hardware. Continue Reading

Easy Wall Mounted ‘Pocket’ Door Installation

Johnson Hardware 200WM half open with valance

I LOVE pocket doors. As a matter of fact, I wish ALL the doors in my house were pocket doors. Not only are they huge space-savers, they’re cool as hell. Of course, installing one after a home has been constructed is tricky business. Or IS it? Johnson Hardware’s Series 200 Wall Mounted Sliding Door hardware makes it actually EASY. The hardware comes in a couple different ‘grades’. the 2610F is for doors that weigh up to 200 lbs and measure 1″ to 1-3/4″ thick, wich prices start at 49 bucks. Continue Reading

More Barn Doors Used Inside

Last Monday I was a little ga ga over the barn door Boots and Totty built to close off their nursery from the master bedroom. Today, I’m a full-blown groupie of barn doors used functionally, and as interior design elements. Rustic in nature, but very modern in application. I love that. Next up is my favorite.

You just have to see for yourself. More interior barn door uses over at

3D Door Stickers

8 Cool and Creative 3D Door Stickers (8) 5

I am totally in love with these 3D door stickers from Couture Deco. The material is described as ‘trompe-l’oeil on opaque white fabric with satin finish.’ The stickers are washable, fire and UV resistant, and highly durable. You can adjust them to fit with a scissors and they’re applied with regular old wallpaper glue. My only problem with them is deciding which one to buy! See all the stickers ($279) available at Couture DecoPOST UPDATE: The retailer has LOWERED the price to $199!!! Continue Reading

Crestview Doors: Period-Perfect Front Doors for Mid-Century Modern Homes

created at: 07/11/2010

When David and Christiane Erwin remodeled their 1951 cottage a few years ago, they wanted to restore the home to its original, mid-century modern look and feel. Along the way, they ran into a problem … they couldn’t find a period-appropriate front door. They turned this problem into an amazing thing, a company called Crestview Doors

created at: 07/11/2010

After making a replica of a neighbor’s door to fit their own front door frame, the Erwins started building custom doors by hand using only the highest quality materials they could find. Continue Reading

Curbly Giveaway: Win a $300 Giftcard from Crestview Doors

created at: 07/05/2010

Curbly is very pleased to announce our latest giveaway: a $300 giftcard to, makers of mid-century doors and kits to match your atomic-age home.

created at: 07/19/2010

We’ve always been big fans of David and Christine’s family-owned business. We wrote about them a few years ago, and are happy their continuing to grow and produce great do-it-yourself Doorlite kits to add geometric windows to an existing door. Learn more about this awesome independent business, then comment below to enter! Continue Reading

How to Turn Kitchen Cabinet Doors into a Headboard

created at: 04/01/2010

‘How clever!’ was my first response when seeing Remodelaholic’s kitchen cabinet door headboard. AND, get this, it only cost $15!!!!! Here’s a list of supplies Cassity used to make it:     

  • 2 to 4 old kitchen cabinet doors (I think the raised panel types like Cassity were a perfect choice)
  • MDF, size dependent on the doors used
  • 9 linear feet of baseboard molding
  • 1- 8 foot 4 x 4, cut in half
  • 3 – 8 foot 2 x 2’s
  • for optional wall-hanging installation, a 6 foot 2 x 4 

For a list of tools as well as the entire tutorial, head over to Remodelaholic. Continue Reading

Amazing Sliding Closet Door Makeovers

created at: 2010/01/27

Are you tired of the utilitarian nature of your closet doors? Perhaps it’s time for a makeover! Check out some of these ideas to get the old DIY juices flowing.

A mirrored door, like the one pictured above, is frosted, which gives it a contemporary flair.

created at: 2010/01/27

Who says you can’t replace the mirror with plexi? A sander would give it a quick and easy frosted look.

created at: 2010/01/27

(Our next examples are actually bi-fold doors, but the same treatments could be applied to bi-pass doors as well.)

What a standard louvered door looks like:

created at: 2010/01/27

Remove the panels and replace with plexi that’s been sprayed with white paint, and this is what it COULD look like:

created at: 2010/01/27

And would you believe the picture below is the OTHER SIDE of the doors pictured above? Continue Reading