DIY This: Make Your Own Super Cute “Enamel” Pins for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Pin: Make these lookalike enamel pins!

It's almost Valentine's Day! I love this holiday because: A. love is a lovely thing, B. exchanging cards or little gifts is always fun, and C. chocolate! What's not to enjoy? You know what else I'm totally loving right now? Enamel pins (hello 90s fashion – it's nice to see you again!). If you're looking for a cute gift to give to your friends, coworkers, or gal-pals, these faux enamel pins are quick and easy to make.      Continue Reading

How to Update a Throw Pillow Using Only a Marker

I’m a self-proclaimed pillow hoarder. Because of this, I tend to drive my boyfriend crazy, so I try to limit my pillow purchases, but since I love swapping out my couch pillows often, I like to try DIY techniques that can help me save money. When I stumbled upon this Urban Outfitters typographic pillow, I instantly thought “I can make that.” It’s easy to update a throw pillow with marker to create this abstract typographic look!  Continue Reading

How To: Make Your Own Paper Pencils

created at: 05/10/2012

I thought these DIY paper pencils would fit in quite nicely with the “art” theme we’re rocking this month. The possibilities are as endless and pretty and artsy as you want them to be!   

The tutorial is for regular graphite, but you could easily create your own colored pencils, too. Just get your hands on the 2mm lead of your choice, grab some pretty paper* and your trusty bottle of ModPodge, then head over to Scissors.Paper.Wok for the complete tutorial! Continue Reading

Coolest Idea Ever: Create a DIY Duvet Cover From Doodles!

created at: 01/16/2012

With this creative DIY idea, Jen Morris may just receive this year’s Coolest Mom Award.  Going off of her son’s doodles and drawings, she created this incredibly unique (and totally awesome) custom “monster” duvet cover!   


created at: 01/16/2012

Armed with a stack of her son Daniel’s favorite drawings, Jen began the process of transforming them into a queen-sized duvet.  After photographing each character and cleaning the image up in photoshop, she carefully traced them all onto the fabric.  She says that preparing the images took about 2 hours, while tracing all 120 drawings took about 8 hours total.   Continue Reading

Make It: An Easy No-Sew Colored Pencil Roll

created at: 10/03/2011

For students, artists, kids, or crafters this simple no-sew pencil holder is the perfect DIY project–or gift!  


Carla from Small + Friendly created this clever and easy crafting project from wool felt.  While her template (which you can download through her site) accommodates 24 pencils, you can make it bigger or smaller depending on your needs.  We love her suggestion of combining the pencil roll with a sketch book for an easy, semi-handmade gift!

Check out the instructions and download the template over on Small + Friendly!

How to Make an Almost FREE Headboard

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to certain pieces of furniture I can be extremely fickle. For instance, my bed. I see a new headboard I want at least every other day. Could this be the answer to my indecisiveness?  

A chalkboard headboard! Easy to create and just as easy to change. All it takes is a wall covered in chalkboard paint, some chalk, and a little creativity. I love that it can become as simple or as  intricate as you’d like. Continue Reading

How to Decorate Your Own Tea Set

Using two cups and saucers she found at her local thrift store, Aya created a one-of-a-kind tea set. Can’t draw? Aya suggests writing a poem or a favorite quote on your dishes instead.

To make a set for yourself, you’ll need:

  • a tea set (Aya says whites work best.)
  • Pebeo Porcelain 150 in Turquoise
  • Pebeo Porcelain 150 pen in black
  • a paint brush
  • tissue paper
  • a jar for water

To read the entire tutorial, follow this jump. Continue Reading

The $10 Sharpie Room Makeover

created at: 03/28/2013

Twenty years ago, Charlie Kratzer decided he wanted alot of impressionist-style art in his home…so, he figured he was gonna have to make it himself. Ten dollars later (which is what, eight sharpies?)…he’s ended up with this:   



Photos courtesy of Apartment Therapy, via Feel like making your own Sharpie masterpiece? Check out for ideas and to buy your markers.

Interested in seeing more Sharpie wall art? Check out this awesome tutorial…

created at: 03/28/2013

How to Draw with Light.

As seen in the famous “Centaur” photograph of Picasso, or the current (and excellent) crop of Sprint commercials, the combination of a controllable light source and some long exposure photography can lead to some amazing artwork. Check out the fabulous work of the Japanese collective PikaPika here (Flickr) and here (animation).

Thankfully, Lori and Stuart  from are offering some help. Though they don't detail the exposure settings and the necessary processing, they share a different sort of how-to: creating the light pens necessary for such amazing color and detail. Continue Reading