Tool School: This Thing Will Change the Way You Clean Your House

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Some might say I'm a bit of a neat-freak, but if you ask me, I'm just an average gal who prefers a clean home. While I cherish my tidy place, I don't enjoy the act of cleaning nearly as much. I'm always on the hunt for products and tools that will make housekeeping an easier and faster job. Let me tell you what, guys: this is it. At the risk of sounding overly dramatic about cleaning, I have to say: I'm in love with this Dremel Versa.         Continue Reading

Get (Your Furniture) Naked! How to Remove Old Paint from Wood

How to remove paint from wood furniture
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When it comes to thrift store finds, painting can be a fantastic way to totally transform something old into something new. That being said, too much paint can be a bad thing. Sometimes the most refreshing way to refinish a solid piece of wood furniture is to totally strip it naked and start fresh. That's how I felt about this chair (and its amazing technicolored dream-coats of old paint). Thankfully, it wasn't a ton of work to remove paint from the entire thing. Continue Reading