11 Ways Supermarkets Trick Us into Spending More

Shame on those sneaky grocers with their grocery store tricks. You probably know the one about them keeping the more expensive brands at eye level, but did you hear about the no dollar sign trick? Leaving the $ sign off labels makes our brains think less about the fact that we’re spending money. Weird, but probably verified by dozens of focus groups, I’d imagine. Also, have you noticed how BIG grocery carts have gotten? (Case in point: Target. Continue Reading

Are your favorite stores going out of business too?

Last year there was a rash of store closings in my part of the country. They were dropping like flies! It was scary. First was Circuit City, then Linens and Things and then World Market. (I loved World Market.) It settled down over the summer, and I thought I wouldn’t lose any more of my go-to stores. Within the last month or so, things started to take another ominous turn.   

Ultimate Electronics is going, as is my favorite Borders, along with a nearby mom & pop (actually mom & daughter) stamp and paper boutique. Continue Reading

Dear Goodwill, Are You Getting Too Big For Your Secondhand Britches?

created at: 03/25/2010

Image: Shelly Miller Leer

Table purchased Saturday at a city wide 1/2 price sale at Goodwill.

In one out of ten posts I usually mention a shopping trip to Goodwill. For me, it’s Mecca, one of my favorite places to relax and do some serious creative thinking. I promote you; I laud you on your good works and pure mission, etc. However, the prices on used furniture and furnishings have skyrocketed beyond realistic value. I mean, come on!!! Continue Reading