Make These! Feminist Easter Eggs (+ Free Printable)

Feminista Easter Eggs (+ Free Printable) |

Eggs are inherently feminine, right? They are a direct manifestation of a female creature walking around, just doing her female thing. Easter, back in its day, was pretty feminine too. Originally a celebration of the spring equinox, it's a day that used to be set aside in reverence of the Sumerian goddess of love and fertility, Ishtar. You know what else is pretty womanly? Me! The author of this post! With all of these elements combined (plus a dash of energy from the influx of female empowerment that I'm feeling everywhere around me), I decided to decorate my Easter eggs in pink and symbols of power. Continue Reading

Alternative Natural Easter Egg Dye

created at: 04/01/2010

The softer colors of these naturally dyed easter eggs is simple, pastel and …well, natural. They don’t have the intensity of the store bought, pop-in tablets but the smell of white vinegar is sure to awaken the olfactory senses that will transport you to Easters past. The colors can be created by using basic

created at: 04/01/2010

kitchen ingredients such as beet juice, blueberries, curry powder, paprika, grape juice, daffodil heads, black tea and probably coffee for deep chocolate brown. Continue Reading