DIY This: Make Your Own Super Cute “Enamel” Pins for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Pin: Make these lookalike enamel pins!

It's almost Valentine's Day! I love this holiday because: A. love is a lovely thing, B. exchanging cards or little gifts is always fun, and C. chocolate! What's not to enjoy? You know what else I'm totally loving right now? Enamel pins (hello 90s fashion – it's nice to see you again!). If you're looking for a cute gift to give to your friends, coworkers, or gal-pals, these faux enamel pins are quick and easy to make.      Continue Reading

Colorful- and Washable!- Painted Vase

created at: 04/02/2012

New spring blossoms aren’t just for the outside!  How about sprucing up those plain glass vases with paint?  And unlike the flowers starting to blossom outside, these colorful poppies are there to stay.   Amanda gives the low-down on how to use the Gloss Enamel paint and your kitchen oven to give your artistic creations a permanent home on glass. 

created at: 04/02/2012

Since you can find these types of vases for CHEAP, you can really go to town for any season, holiday, event, or whatever.  Continue Reading

How To Apply Images to Enamel Jewelry.

Indie Fixx teamed up with artist Andrea Oda for a helpful tutorial on applying custom images to enamel pendants and other jewelry. The instructions are for an electric ceramic pottery kiln, but seems totally accomplishable. (Is that a word?)

1. While the kiln is warming up, stick your enamel pieces on a wire
shelf to create oxides on the surface of the copper. You can also take
your copper piece and fire it with a torch in order for the oxides to
form as well. Continue Reading