DIY Creepy-Crawly Halloween Snake Wreath

DIY Halloween wreath with snakes
Photo: Rachel Jacks

Maybe it's my childhood spent catching garter snakes, but I've never been afraid of snakes. I know I'm in the minority in thinking that some of them are even downright cute, so I won't be surprised to hear that this snake wreath might evoke slithery nightmares for many. If plastic snakes don't creep you out too much, you can whip up this DIY Halloween wreath in no time.          



How to make your DIY Halloween Wreath 


Lay your plastic snakes out on the wreath, then glue them in place with hot glue. Continue Reading

Eye Candy: 15 Organized Entryways and Mudrooms

Entryways and mudrooms just have a way of getting messy and disorganized in an instant, especially in an active household. If you’re looking for some inspiration in that department — or your OCD brain just wants to see some pretty, organized spaces — you’ve come to the right spot! We’ve rounded up 15 entry spaces that are as functional as they are gorgeous.     

1. Curbly House Mudroom

2. Family Mudroom with Individual Cubbies

3. Simple, Organized Entryway

4. Continue Reading

Creating an Artful Entryway: Inspiration, Tips, and DIY Ideas

created at: 02/25/2013

Putting together that roundup of clean and bright entryways recently left me feeling inspired and eager to create my own interpretation. There were a few elements that really stuck out as adaptable to any style or space. Read on for tips for creating your own artful entryway!      

I’m really drawn to spaces that have a sense of texture, where you walk in and immediately want to touch everything. Blending different kinds of materials is a great way to bring visual and tactile interest into a space, as well as increase the energy flow of a room! Continue Reading

Roundup: 10 DIY Entryway and Mudroom Organizers

created at: 02/20/2013

For most of us the entryway or mudroom is the first insight that guests have into our homes. While many choose function over form, there is no reason you can’t have both.  

Several of these entries don’t come with full instructions, or any at all, but the simplicity of their nature should provide you with your own inspiration and ideas.

created at: 02/20/2013

1. The cut down console via Abigail Ahern

created at: 02/20/2013

2. The Happy Tape Entry via Little Green Notebook

created at: 02/20/2013

3. Continue Reading

Eye Candy: 10 Clean and Bright Entryways and Home Landing Zones

created at: 02/11/2013

Like I mentioned before, we don’t really have an entryway that allows for a lot of coat rack/wall hook/shoe storage/seating fuss. That’s not to say that I’m not constantly looking for inspiration in other people’s spaces! Here are 10 clean and modern entryways and “landing zones” that could be adapted or re-interpreted for just about any home — take a peek!     

1. Mid-Century meets Scandinavian! Yum.

2. These under-mounted storage boxes would be an easy DIY. Continue Reading

How to: Make Easy DIY Branch Coat Hangers

created at: 02/21/2012

Although coat season is going to be winding down soon (or is it?), purse and accessory season has no end!  Ideas for clever coat/purse hangers are in season, and this one is no exception.  

created at: 02/20/2012

This tree branch hanger project form Garden Therapy uses small but sturdy branches simply spray painted white and screwed onto a board.  How’s that for an easy solution to the  misplaced purse problem??  I know we’ve all done it a time or two… or fifteen. Continue Reading

Eye Candy: Enviable Entryways

created at: 06/30/2011

This might come as a surprise to those of you with entryways, but some people don’t have them. Oh, sure, there’s a door, but it might swing open right into a living area. Or worse yet, it might swing open right into a living area that’s carpeted. As someone who used to own a house with just this kind of arrangement (carpet and all), let me tell you, they’re irritating. No space for people to congregate as they enter and exit. Continue Reading

How To: Create a Clean, Functional Mudroom

created at: 02/09/2011

What was once an extravagance for newly built homes of the 1980s and 90s has now become essential to the way contemporary families live: the mud room. A place to keep coats, shoes, pet paraphernalia, backpacks, sort through junk mail, and perhaps even do laundry. A transitional room, a liminal space, if you will, to help translate your home to the rest of your life.

But the high traffic can create a bit of chaos, and the mud room can often become a “junk drawer” for your entire house, creating piles of items that don’t have another place.   Continue Reading

20 Ways to Boost Your Curb-ly Appeal

BHG has a list of 20 great ways to boost your curb appeal. They’ve even catagorized them into projects that can be accomplished in a day, week or even month.

In a day:

  1. Create a symmetrical entryway by adding sidelights and containers filled with flowers.
  2. Replace old hardware like house numbers and lockset.
  3. Punch up your front door with a fresh coat of colorful paint and polish the door fixtures.
  4. Replace your mailbox or dress up the one you already have with a new coat of stain or paint to match the color of your house.
Continue Reading