Weekend Project: A Subtle DIY Way to Add Privacy to Your Front Door

DIY way to add privacy to your front door

If you’ve ever wanted to try an etched glass project, this is the perfect DIY to try for the long weekend. Functionally, it adds privacy to your front door, and style wise, it provides a subtle design element.    

Laura from A Beautiful Mess spruced up the front door of ABM’s studio with a can of glass frosting spray and a bit of painter’s tape.

frosted glass door before and after

With only two materials needed, this project is cost efficient and pretty easy to boot. Continue Reading

How To: Create Privacy with Paint

If you have a door or window in your home that you wish had a little more privacy, you’ll definitely want to check out this tutorial. It’s an inexpensive solution and you won’t have to go through the headache of hanging blinds, etc.    

Erin from House of Earnest will show you how to make any window or door a little more private with this step by step for a frosted glass door. Looks easy enough.

For the full tutorial, visit House of Earnest.

How To: Make Your Own Mod Eames-Inspired Drinking Glasses!

created at: 04/21/2011

Two birds, one stone?  Puh-lease!  You can’t throw a rock at Mid-Century Modern without hitting at least three Eames pieces.  Maybe more if you’re really good.  While their furniture designs are beyond iconic, Ray Eames’ textile designs are relatively less-so.  Relatively being the operative word.  While throwing down on a bold Eames Dot fabric for a home decor project is probably not in the budget at $135/yard, that doesn’t mean those playful dots can’t find a place somewhere in your home.   Continue Reading