Trick or Treat Etiquette

Well, this is it, the big day. Halloween! The jack-o-lanterns are carved, the candy is in a bowl near the front door awaiting the arrival of trick or treaters. But before the first ding-dong of the door bell, maybe we should go over the rules of the game.

Courtesy of the Glouster Daily Times, here’s an outline of Halloween etiquette for both givers and takers.


  • Incidents of dangerous items and substances ending up in homemade treats cause most adults to forbid their children from eating unwrapped brownies, cookies and the like.
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Bathroom Etiquette for Men.

Fatherly blog offers nine bathroom etiquette tips for men whom share their washrooms with women they value. Have a look below for an overview, then read the full article here.

  • Lower the seat!
  • Replace the empty role of toilet paper.
  • Clean out the shower or bath when you're done using it.
  • Stack rolls of toilet paper under the sink.
  • Place a stack of clean towels under the sink.
  • Rinse off the sink and countertop after shaving.
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