Tried and Tested: Do These 10 Pinterest Beauty Hacks Actually Work?

Pinterest beauty hacks, tested

Pinterest is a great source of information and inspiration. It’s also home to slew of life hacks, some more questionable than others. In the past, we’ve tested organization hacks and cleaning hacks we’ve found on Pinterest to see if they actually work as well as they claim they will. Today, I’m here to test out another arena: beauty and health. Will these Pinterest beauty hacks actually work? Or did I just put a bottle of mayonnaise in my hair for nothing? Continue Reading

10 Totally Stunning Halloween Makeup Ideas

10 Totally Incredible Halloween Makeup Ideas
Photo: Allison Ivy

Halloween is one of those holidays that we crafters can really use our artistic skills… especially for makeup! Here are ten absolutely incredible makeup looks to inspire you to get creative this Halloween.   


10 Totally Incredible Halloween Makeup Ideas

1. Find out how to recreate this terrifying skeleton look here. [Photo: Wonder Forest]

2. If a pretty fawn is more your thing, give this tutorial a try. [Photo: Erin Does Pinterest]

10 Totally Incredible Halloween Makeup Ideas

3. The sugar skull look seems to be everywhere this season… see more beautiful photos of this version here. Continue Reading