How To: Make a DIY Waterless Hot Water Bottle (Free Template)!

created at: 01/24/2012

I wanted to say something about this fleece “hot water bottle” giving you warm fuzzies, but I just couldn’t.  Or could I?  Oh snap, I just did.  Now that that terrible pun is purged from my system, let’s get on with this heart-warming how-to.  (I’m so sorry, I can’t stop.)   


If you’re not still hung up on my awful puns, maybe you’re asking yourself what the “waterless” part of this hot water bottle is all about.   Continue Reading

Make a Fringy Christmas Scarf!

Fringe Fleece Winter Scarf

Get your festive on by whipping up a fringe fleece winter scarf. Because it’s made of fleece, there’s no need to do any fancy edge-stitchin’ (fleece doesn’t fray). Just a center seam holds it all together–and that, by the way, could be done by hand!

Here’s what you’ll need to make one:

  • red, white and green fleece (fleece usually comes in about 60″ widths, so you could need as little as 1/8″ yard of each color to make one 60″ long x 4″ wide scarf)
  • scissors
  • a sewing machine OR needle and thread

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How-To: Make a Pimped Out snuggly

created on: 02/05/09

Wearing a blanket with arms is one thing, but making your very own custom snuggly with pimped out detailing takes this funky monk robe/kaftan/blanket to a new level. 

Here’s what you need:

3 yards polar fleece (I used “green” fleece made from recycled plastic bottles)

3 yards of pimp trim (boa, feather, pom pom fringe, tassel fringe, ribbon, etc.)


sewing machine

straight pins

tape measure



8″ x 6″ oval pattern

created on: 02/05/09

Step by Step:

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How To Make a No-Sew Holiday Dog Bed

created on: 12/17/08

While you’ve got your materials handy for these hand printed fleece scarves, it will only take you about an hour to put together this well-deserved holiday gift for your hard working canine companion.  With two standard bed pillows and one yard of fleece, this no sew, custom cushion will let your dog know how much you care.  For cleaning, simply untie the fringe opening, wash or replace inexpensive bed pillows and tie it back up.  Continue Reading