Make French Enameled Numbers


I’m not sure what I would do with French enameled numbers, but I wanna make ’em. What’s cool about Gail’s version, is they aren’t enameled, or French for that matter. Take a look.    

They’re actually made using metal tags and embossing powder. Cool, huh? Here’s the materials list, all of which should be familiar to card makers and scrapbookers alike:

  • metal tags (Gail found hers at her local True Value hardware store)
  • sand paper
  • white spray paint
  • StazOn ink pad (available in the scrap-booking aisle of your favorite craft store)
  • clear embossing powder (also available in the scrap-booking aisle of your favorite craft store)
  • parchment paper
  • twine
  • number rubber stamps
  • electric fry pan
  • spatula

Mosey on over to Can’t Stop Making Things (ain’t it true?!) for the entire how to. Continue Reading

French Country Living

the garden

When people hear the words ‘French Country’ they oftentimes think of a room overwrought with floral fabrics and wood with curvy arms and legs, leftovers from Louis XIV. (Two things that make me regurgitate a little bit, actually.) That mental image is far and gone from these pictures, however. This home located in the French countryside has a rough, minimal interior which lets it character speak for itself. It’s the kind of French Country I could get behind. Continue Reading