Make This: Minimal Magnetic Towel Bar

Make this minimal magnetic towel bar

Currently I’m living in a place with a kitchen that must hold some sort of record for tininess. There are four drawers, a couple of cabinets, and exactly one countertop. Said countertop is about 2.5 square feet, and that’s literally my entire cooking workspace. Suffice it to say, I need to be wise about kitchen organization if I want to keep from going crazy. Knowing there’s absolutely no room to store things horizontally, I recently went vertical with this magnetic paper towel holder.     Continue Reading

Blinged: Dress Up Your Fridge!

created at: 01/17/2011

Megan, whose thriftastic office we featured last week, has created some of the most clever – and prettiest – magnets you’ve ever seen!  

created at: 01/17/2011

If you’ve ever been to a thrift store or an estate sale, chances are you’ve seen some pretty sweet clip-on earrings.  Costume jewelry was all the rage at some point in time, apparently, and lucky for you Megan Jeyifo, of Urban Casita and ReadyMade fame, has figured out a new use for these sparkly baubles: super fancy magnets! Continue Reading

How to turn your fridge into a chalkboard.


Chichi decided to turn her refrigerator into a giant chalkboard. On it she records garden harvests and meal plans while her boyfriend adds ‘whimsical’ food-related drawings. She assures us that this is a weekend project. To turn our fridges into chalkboards, we’ll need….

  • coarse sand paper
  • masking tape
  • a screwdriver to remove the handles of your fridge
  • a small can of primer
  • a can of chalkboard paint 
  • a high-quality paint roller

To see the entire tutorial follow this link. 

10 Ways to Green Your Fridge.

Vegetarian Times offers 10 great tips to best steward your homes’ most beloved appliance. “According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, the average American
fridge uses around 1,383 kilowatt hours a year, which is 14 percent of
your household’s electrical needs and about $90 a year. But there are
simple steps you can take to lighten your refrigerator’s impact on your
wallet—and the environment. More importantly, many of these
changes—some large and some small—can cut down on the chemicals and
bacteria lingering in your fridge, which is healthier for everyone in
the house.”

1.  Continue Reading

… Make Button Magnets

Dead easy these, all you need are some little magnets, some buttons and some sticky stuff.

You pop the buttons onto the magnets, making sure you get the right side of the magnet, (don't stick them to the side that will stick to your fridge.) And that's it. 

I actually used Chrisjob's link to find out which sticky stuff I needed to join plastic to metal….