How To: A Flea Market Dresser Gets A Gilded Makeover

Every nursery needs a dresser/changing table/statement piece, am I right? When putting together our daughter’s nursery, I knew that I wanted something unique, but still simple. I found an old white dresser at a local flea market, and gave it a few coats of coral paint. Instant gratification, but it was still missing something.      


DIY Gold Leaf Dresser
Photo: Lexy Ward

I liked the dresser once it was painted, but it still felt a little “hmph” to me. Continue Reading

Make It: Gold-leaf Lamp Shade

I’m really all about gold-leafing this holiday season. Actually, I’m really all about gold-leafing all the time. I love to shine up lots of household items and this lampshade is one of the prettiest gold-leafing projects I’ve seen!      

 Give a simple lampshade a golden makeover by adding a little gold-leaf! Spotted on One Kings Lane, this projects is leaving me feeling super inspired to get out the gold sheets. Head on over to One Kings Lane for the full how-to and to see other gilded projects! Continue Reading

Make It: DIY Gold-Leaf Polka Dot Ceramics

created at: 08/14/2012
It’s playful and stylish, chic and cheery all rolled into a big ball of upcycled goodness: DIY gold-leaf polka dot ceramics! Let’s make some, shall we?    

Casey from Vitamini Handmade shares this awesome tutorial for turning plain, old ceramics into stylish, gold-spotted dishes. All you need is a gold leafing kit (which run around $8-ish), your ceramic bowls of choice (good excuse for a thrift store run), and a soft, wide paint brush. Once you’ve gathered your supplies, check out Vitamini Handmade to see how to make your own gold-confettied wonders! Continue Reading

DIY Idea: Mini Gold Leaf Notebooks

created at: 04/26/2012

As an avid note-taker and a prolific list-maker, I feel like I’m constantly on the hunt for scraps of paper to jot things down on. So when I spied these DIY notebooks in NEON PINK and GOLD (!!!), I got a little excited at the possibilities!   

created at: 04/26/2012

Using scrap paper for the book jacket and regular printer paper for the pages, Whitney from EatSleepCuddle created these darling little notebooks. They’re assembled with PVA glue and embellished with gold leafing for that perfectly-dipped look. Continue Reading