Roundup: 25 Awesome DIY No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas

created at: 10/10/2012

Looking for some no-carve pumpkin ideas? You’ve hit the motherlode, my friend! We’ve rounded up 25 awesome, modern, and totally clever pumpkin decorating projects that won’t leave you with a sticky pile of pumpkin guts to clean up in the end. Sounds good, right? Read on!    


1. Colorful Geometric and Ombre Painted Pumpkins

2. Splash of Glitter Painted Pumpkins

3. Modern Typographic Pumpkin

4. Color Block Pumpkins

created at: 10/10/2012

5. Easy Polka Dot Pumpkin

6. Lacy Painted Pumpkins

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How to Turn a Gourd into a Lamp

created at: 12/27/2010

Besides being easy to grow, gourds have lovely, sexy shapes just aching to be turned into lamps.     

created at: 12/27/2010

Martha tells us that doing so is a snap with standard lamp kits. Besides that, here’s what we’ll need to make one:

  • a gourd with a flat bottom
  • a keyhole saw
  • gravel or sand
  • glue gun and hot glue
  • a standard wooden lamp base, which she says is available at hardware stores OR a piece of wood to fit underneath the gourd to act as a base
  • felt pads

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Pac-Man Pumpkins!

Check out these 8-bit gourds from Truly, an example of the creative minds of Geekdom.

“Gourds like these have a hard shell, about 3 mm thick, that is rather hard to cut through. We used a loose drill bit (turned by hand) to make the initial cut. From there, a regular hobby knife (e.g., x-acto) works well. Once the soft flesh and seeds are scooped out, the hard shell can dry to make a semi-permanent display.”