21 Ways to Make Your Mom The Happiest Mom on Earth

Make Your Mom the Happiest Mom on the Planet

Don’t fret for a moment about what to get your mom for Mother’s Day. The best thing you can do is to spend time with her (no irritation or annoyance allowed), or have a nice, relaxed conversation with her.  No store bought card or pot of flowers will touch her heart as much as your efforts to express your sincere appreciation for her, past and present. To help you get started, here are 21 mostly free ideas to choose from that are guaranteed to make your mom happy.  Continue Reading

Print These!: Punny Christmas Cards for Your Family and Friends

Punny Christmas cards with free printable!

Puns are good at any time of year and Christmas is no exception, especially when there are so many great festive greetings to play around with. These punny Christmas cards are ready for you to print and share with family and friends.                 

Punny Christmas cards with free printable!

‘Tis the season to be jolly so get out some cardboard, download our free printable and spread around some joy in true dad joke style!

Punny Christmas cards with free printable!


Punny Christmas cards - materials


Download the punny Christmas cards file and print it onto white card. Continue Reading

71 Last-Minute Mother’s Day Printables

The ultimate roundup of free Mother's Day printables. We've got you covered with cards, prints, tags, and more!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner (it’s on Sunday the 14th – don’t forget!). If you’re anything like me, the holiday has crept up on you. There are so many different things to celebrate about our mamas (and grandmothers, spouses, and mother-figures), but what it ultimately comes down to is telling her you’re thankful for her. Whether that means making her breakfast, bringing her flowers, or sending her a note in the mail, these (free!) Mother’s Day printables can help you get the job done.       Continue Reading

Roundup: 11 DIY and Handmade Christmas Card Ideas

Greeting cards can get pricey, especially during the holidays when you have 20+ cards to buy, stamp, and send to loved ones. Ouch. So instead of buying cards this year, make your own with this list of 11 DIY holiday greeting cards.    

So get a jump start on your card list and break out the scissors. There are a couple of printable options that made the cut too. Enjoy!

1. String art holiday cards project

2.  Continue Reading

Gift Guide: 10 Sweet Valentine’s Day Cards for Ladies

created at: 01/31/2013

Show your leading lady just how much you care (or how refined your sense of humor is) with one of these clever Valentine’s Day cards. Carina from Crow and Canary rounds up 10 of her faves below — check it out!     


1. You Complete Me Card from Ashkahn

2. Donuts Card from Banquet Atelier & Workshop

created at: 01/31/2013


3. Made for Each Other Card from Natalie Eden

4. Be Mine Valentine Card from Parrot Design Studio

created at: 01/31/2013

5. Forever Card from Yellow Owl Workshop

6. Continue Reading

Gift Guide: 10 Awesome Valentine’s Day Cards for Guys

created at: 01/29/2013

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and, whether you’re making or giving gifts (or not!), a clever card always goes a long way! This year, we turn to our favorite stationery connoisseur, Carina of Crow and Canary, for her top ten Valentine’s Day cards for guys! Enjoy!      


1. Heart Beats Card from Art School Girl

2. Cold Black Heart Card from Paper Society Co.

created at: 01/29/2013

3. You’re a Hottie Card from Printerette Press

4. Hike Anywhere Card from Waterknot

created at: 01/29/2013

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MORE Easy Handmade Christmas Card Ideas

Stitched Christmas Cards

Our first post about easy, handmade Christmas Card Ideas (link) was a hit, so it seemed like a good time to infuse the Curbly coffers with even MORE easy handmade Christmas card ideas. 

I adore Fern’s stitched Christmas cards (pictured above), and even though they might look a little tricky, they aren’t. All you need is some blank cards (or cardstock), some pretty scrapbook papers and a sewing machine. Head on over to Craft Blog for all the details.     Continue Reading

How-To: Make Your Own Mod Holiday Tree Cards

created at: 11/30/2010

This how-to comes from one of my favorite designers (and favorite people), the very talented Paige Russell.  She’s known for her awesome ceramic work, but it’s clear that she’s creative no matter what material she uses!  Fortunately, she’s eager to spread some holiday cheer and the DIY spirit, so check out her step-by-step tutorial below for details on how to make your own mod tree cards!  

About this project:

This is a step-by-step video guide to making my Tree Line embroidery thread holiday cards. Continue Reading

How to: Make Homemade Scratch Tickets

created at: 2009-08-12

Crafter Jenni broke the code! She figured out how to make the scratch off bit of scratch off tickets. Now, why on earth would we even want to make homemade scratchers? Jenni says they’d be a great promotional tool or even greeting cards. What’s really cool is that the project requires really mundane stuff that’s readily available. They include:

  • cardboard
  • a print out of what you want scratched off
  • glue stick
  • sticky-back plastic 
  • metallic acrylic paint, silver
  • dish washing liquid

For the entire tutorial, follow this link. Continue Reading

Coffee Filter Wall Decor

created at: 2009-04-02

One thing leads to another when you travel through blogrolls and then you find coffee filter wall decor from Jennifer Jafarzadeh, a former lifestyle editor for Redbook Magazine.  As with the plate arrangement here, the trick with the filters is to tack them to the wall in a way that looks artistic and airy, not contrived. See many more outstanding projects by Jennifer, like these polaroid + Japanese masking tape greeting cards, at her blog, the haystack needle

created at: 2009-04-02

Phoots courtesy of the haystack needle