How to Save Money On Groceries

Want to know how to save money on groceries? We've come up with 20 tips that will help you cut costs when purchasing food.  

How to save money on groceries

20. List it. Instead of listing everything you THINK you need, first plan your meals for the week and then buy the ingredients you’ll ACTUALLY need to make them. By doing so, experts say you just might save up to 41% on your grocery bill.

19. Eat first. This tried and true hint bears repeating, as going to the grocery story hungry is the primary reason we buy on impulse. Continue Reading

How to Create a Grocery List for One

created at: 08/12/2010


Thanks Curbly for this wonderful opportunity to share some insights and inspiration.  For my last post this week…I thought I would share some info for Foodie Friday on how I am solving my issues with grocery shopping.  I find that I was spending too much on food that isn’t very healthy and lasting long enough.  I know all of the basics of grocery shopping:
– Create a firm budget
– Create a grocery list
– Stick to list
– Coupon clip and shop sales
– Don’t shop hungry

My issue was with creating a good grocery list and purchase items that last for a week, two weeks or a month? Continue Reading

Six Junk Foods It’s Actually Okay to Eat.

If Men’s Health magazine says it’s okay, then I’m with ’em…it’s got “health” in the title, right? Doctors are never gonna decide whether certain foods are really good for you or not: margarine, avocados, nuts, Olestra. So, until they do, snack on these six “junk” foods that, apparently, aren’t all that bad for you.

1. Pork Rinds (who knew deep fried pork fat wouldn’t be so bad?)

2. Alcohol

3. Beef jerky

4. Sour Cream

5. Continue Reading

Recycle Your Onions Into an Endless Supply of Scallions.

I’ve been doing this ever since I’ve had a patch of dirt in which to grow ’em. Next time you grab a bunch of scallions/green onions at the supermarket, hold onto the root ends.

Then, simply plant them about one inch into the dirt (in the garden or a pot). Water well, and wait for the greens to return. The more you snip them, they faster they’ll grow.

You can also do this with whole garlic bulbs and use the green sprouts in pastas, stirfrys, etc. Continue Reading