How to Grow a Pineapple

Shari took an ordinary grocery store pineapple and turned it into TWO pineapples. No, it wasn’t magic, just a green thumb. She planted the greenery with about 1″ of flesh attached of said pineapple…and then waited, as the first crop takes time to harvest (from 24 to 36 months). However, comments to Shari’s how-to suggest that it’s possible for one plant to actually produce 3 to 4 pineapples in one year when it matures. A fun experiment for children and adults! Continue Reading

Growing a Crystal Chair

Her name is Venus. She is a chair. Her creator, Tokuji Yoshioka, submerges her ‘polyester elastomer skeleton’ into an aquarium and gradually grows her natural crystalline epidermis fit for the goddess she is. Glorious. Via.