Trouble Sleeping? Here’s the Trick that Works for Me, Every Single Time

The one sleep trick I use to make myself fall asleep - it works every time!

I love sleep. My bed is without a doubt in the top ten list of my favorite places to be. I always thought I might grow out of it, but even as a twenty-something I require a solid 8 hours of sleep. Worse, if I get a late start going to bed, I always end up sleeping in. While I’m akin to a dead body all night, it’s that getting-to-sleep thing that I get tripped up on. Continue Reading

5 Daily Habits To Help Your Home Stay Clean

habits for a clean house

My name is Lexy and I’m a clean freak. They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. And I have one. I like things to be spotless. Problem is, I’m getting so busy with work and a new baby that I can’t keep up with keeping my house in pristine condition. I used to spend every Saturday deep-cleaning my home and now that I don’t have the time to do that, I had to build a few daily habits to help me achieve that spotless shine that I’ve been missing these last few months! Continue Reading

Five Ways to Break a Bad Habit Without Using a Shrink

created at: 2009-06-22

Recently I’ve become aware that I’m smack dab in the throes of developing a full blown bad habit. What I once considered nonsensical to participate in, I’ve slowly submitted to. It’s the constant checking of email, Facebook. Curbly posts, Apartment Therapy…I knew it was bad last night (Father’s Day) when I left Mr. Mod to fix his own meal while I frantically checked Facebook for some old high school friends who had contacted me. (Shameful cry for Help!!!)

The article that made the most sense to me, was brief and to the point and covered everything. Continue Reading