DIY Creepy-Crawly Halloween Snake Wreath

DIY Halloween wreath with snakes
Photo: Rachel Jacks

Maybe it's my childhood spent catching garter snakes, but I've never been afraid of snakes. I know I'm in the minority in thinking that some of them are even downright cute, so I won't be surprised to hear that this snake wreath might evoke slithery nightmares for many. If plastic snakes don't creep you out too much, you can whip up this DIY Halloween wreath in no time.          



How to make your DIY Halloween Wreath 


Lay your plastic snakes out on the wreath, then glue them in place with hot glue. Continue Reading

How-To: Edgar Allan Poe-Inspired Halloween Wreath

created at: 10/21/2010

Okay, I’m just going to put this out there.  Not once in my entire adult life have I hung a wreath on my door.  I know.  Total domesticity fail.  But 2010 is the year of my new life motto “Why not?”, so let’s do this.  

I’ve always felt like most wreaths are too gaudy or flowery or fake-gourdy for my liking, but this Nevermore Wreath by Katydid and Kid has just the right amount of tempered edginess.  Continue Reading

How To: Easy No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas

created at: 10/18/2010For me, Halloween just wouldn’t be Halloween without a good-sized pile of pumpkin guts.  But, if you’re the kind that would prefer a little less mess*, read on!

Admit it.  You saw all that fancy Japanese tape on the design blogs, went out and ordered yourself some, and now you’re stuck with beautiful, albeit semi-impractical, rolls of Washi tape.  What to do?  DIY yourself a tartan-inspired pumpkin, that’s what!  

The Deets:

Run the tape from stem to bum (that’s a technical term, P.S.), creating your vertical stripes first.  Continue Reading