How to Turn a Pillowcase Into a Drawstring Backpack

How to turn a pillowcase into a DIY backpack

I love that small backpacks are making a comeback. I'm definitely a backpack girl. I like to have my hands free and my stuff secure, so a backpack is the ideal bag. And tiny backpacks are perfect for those quick trips to the store, last-minute drinks, or biking adventures. Drawstring backpacks are particularly easy to make, and today I'm going to show you how to turn a pillowcase into a DIY backpack (with hidden pocket!).              

Pillowcase bag

Technically I'm using a pillow sham to make this DIY backpack, but this method would work with a regular pillowcase, too. Continue Reading

Recycled Seat Belt Bags

created at: 2009-03-11

Italian company 959 is recycling seatbelts into classic looking bags (if you don’t mind the big buckle). Using 70% or more recycled materials, the woven polyester belts make a strong statment as well as a durable bag. The production process consists of five steps.

created at: 2009-03-11


1. Fabric research (gathering seatbelts and buckles at the car wreckers)

2. Washing and hygiene

3. Belt cutting

4.  Stitching (assembly)

5.  Packaging (box)

My initial thought was to recycle seat belts into woven benches and ottomans. Continue Reading