Home Depot for The Holidays: What to Get Every DIYer on Your List

The Home Depot Holiday Gift Guide: 28 Gift Ideas
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Everybody has their weakness. For some people, it's coffee; for others, it's clothing. For me, it's The Home Depot. I'll admit it. I want to buy EVERY. SINGLE. THING at The Home Depot. Am I alone on this? Seriously.  If there are others like me lurking out there, let me know if the comments so I don't feel so freakish. 

If you know (or are) someone like me, here's your guide to Home Depot gifting this year. Continue Reading

Roundup: Birthday Cakes for the Handyman or Woman

Today is MWT’s birthday, so I’m in the cake mood. Thought it was about time to do a roundup of sweets that would appeal to my #1 handyman. 

This first one is chocolate cake with raspberry filling. Mmm. The tools are made of fondant and the tape measure is a rice crispy treat!

Handyman Birthday

   Just how do you make fondant look like leather????

Tool Belt Groom's Cake - The Sugar Syndicate Chicago

Does Ian make Shaker boxes?? 

Peg board is awesome!

Husband's Birthday Cake

And for the brick layers…. Continue Reading