Customize Your Beanie Hat in Under 20 Minutes

How to add quick detail to a beanie cap with embroidery

I was in high school when I was first drawn to embroidering. I wasn't inspired by traditional embroidering, like a well-phrased cross-stitch pattern or a picturesque embroidered landscape. It was doodling with thread that got me hooked. I started by stitching random shapes and designs into my favorite pair of jeans, adding new accents at random. But, I stitched them in a way that only made me happy. By that I mean, if I looked down at my pants, all the shapes were right-side up. Continue Reading

How To: Sew a Pimped Out Witch Hat

created at: 2009-10-19

Photo Image: Wicked Poster from Wicked, The Musical

Who wouldn’t want to dress up if they could arrive at the party wearing an uncomparable witch costume? Last year, Corinne, of Threadbangers posted an unbelievable and well documented tutorial video right here on Curbly of how to make a pimped out wicked witch costume, including the best part–THE HAT. Inspired by Susan Halferty’s Elphaba costume, Corinne took it up, and right on over the top. They’re good, they’re really good. Continue Reading

DIY: Sew Your Man a Tater Tots Vest

created on: 08/13/08

Nothing says “I love my man!” like a handmade Tater Tots vest and hat.  A bachelor eating Tots night after night, a long distance relationship, what else could she do to seal the deal? 

To sew this one-of-a-kind handmade dapper man-vest, she collected empty TT bags, stitched them together to make Tater Tot fabric, laid the pattern on top and cut out the pieces just like it was fine Italian wool.

* Note that the pattern even lines up on either side of the buttons.  Continue Reading

Make a Super Mario “Goomba” Beanie.

I was fortunate to snag a Nintendo Wii when I was out of the country (still not available in the U.S., right?) and I'm finally building some Wii-mote skills on the marvellous Super Mario Galaxy, which is everybit as fun as Super Mario Brothers for the NES.

And it includes plenty of these goombas for the smashing, but thankfully none of those ducks with the turtle shells. 

Grab the goomba hat pattern here.


The Most Adorable Baby Hat Ever!

I don't imagine a cuter hat could exist. The Coverall Hat by Oeuf is designed to solve the eternal problem of keeping the hat on the youngster's noggin, where it belongs. The effect, however, is ultimate adorableness.

DIYable? For sure. Can the design translate into an adult model? Absolutely, but we should probably keep our shirts on.

Made from 100% baby alpaca wool, which is non-allergenic. 

Via Babygadget.