The ONE piece of equipment you must have in your camera bag. And it’s CHEAP!

created at: 2009-09-30

A few weeks ago in photography class, we were talking about keeping our cameras ‘safe’ in inclement weather. A sly look came across my instructor’s face as he reached for something out of his camera bag. As he pulled the object free he said something about it being an indispensable and cheap–if not FREE–addition our to photography equipment collections. It was a shower cap. He simply slips it over his honkin’ DSLR during drizzles. ‘And then you just slip the lens free when you want to take a shot?’ I asked. Continue Reading

17 Tips to Make Your Life Easier

From reheating pizza to re-opening a sealed envelope, here are 17 tips that might just might make our lives a little easier.

  1. Reheat pizza in a non-stick skillet
  2. Use a zippy bag to make deviled eggs
  3. Expand your store-bought frosting with your electric mixer
  4. Reheat baked goods in the microwave accompanied with a cup of water
  5. Use newspapers to keep weeds away
  6. Pick up small shards of glass with a Q-tip
  7. Shove a drier sheet in your pocket to keep mosquitoes away
  8. Use cayenne pepper to keep squirrels away
  9. Use an empty paper towel roll as a vacuum cleaner attachment
  10. Reduce static cling with a safety pin
  11. Unstick measuring cups with hot water
  12. De-fog a windshield with a chalkboard eraser
  13. Re-open a sealed envelope by freezing it
  14. Shave your legs with hair conditioner for smooth skin
  15. Get rid of fruit flies with apple cider vinegar and dish washing liquid
  16. Get rid of ants with cornmeal
  17. Dry your clothes in less time by washing the lint trap filter

To read just how to implement these hints, follow this jump. Continue Reading

30 Tricks That Will Make You Look Smart

Did you know that an automobile snow brush works great to get crumbs and dust out from under the fridge? Did you know that you can get ketchup to flow faster by insterting and then removing a plastic straw into the bottle first? Those are just a few hints that’ll make people think you’re even more clever than they already do now! You can see the other 28 here.

Image courtesy of the Daily Mail. Follow this link for more politically incorrect adverts from yesteryear.

50 Indispensable Kitchen Tips

From how to restore stale bread with celery to why you should soak your popcorn kernels before you pop them to using mustard to treat a burn, this list includes some crazy kitchen tips I hadn’t heard of before but will definitely keep in mind form now on! For the complete rundown, visit LifeHackery.

‘Eat at Mom’s’ courtesy of themekitchen.