How to Install a Fake Backsplash in Your Kitchen

If you're a renter but want to improve your kitchen or bathroom, follow this tutorial on how to install a fake backsplash

Hello to my fellow renters! Here's the situation: I've been fighting with my kitchen ever since I moved into my apartment. It's completely functional, but it's not ideal for the following reasons: it's way too small, the cabinets do nothing to help visually, and the walls have been stained from cooking accidents of years past. I wanted to class the joint up a bit, and decided to install a fake backsplash by way of removable vinyl wallpaper.             Continue Reading

Roundup: 12 Ways To Update Your Home For The Holidays

12 holiday home improvements

Looking for ways to fix up your home this holiday season? You don’t have to go crazy, but here are 12 holiday improvements that will help any home feel more merry this December.      


12 holiday home improvements

1. Add more to your porch than just a wreath with these giant wrapped presents via That Village House 

2. Make your kitchen lights a little more festive by placing colored colanders above the bulb via Sunset 

12 holiday home improvements

3. Forego a boring doormat and replace it with this DIY Christmas tree stenciled one via A Beautiful Mess

4. Continue Reading

12 Ways to Bring Spring into Your Home

Now that April is here, and we’re about two weeks into spring, it’s finally starting to feel like the seasons are changing. If it’s still chilly in your city, though, you can at least warm up your home with some bright hues and colorful DIYs. Here are 12 ways to bring spring into your home.     

1. Add a bright piece of floral art to your walls

2. Or make a sign to welcome the new season.  Continue Reading

8 Home Decor DIY Blogs to Follow

Inspired by this post that ran on Curbly earlier this year, a new column is kicking off today that will feature a handful of awesome blogs each month, in a specific category. There are so many blog out there to keep track of, so why not let us find the good ones for you? Starting today with 8 home decor DIY blogs to follow.    

1. Weekday CarnivalFavorite projects include this copper coatrack and the geometric wall. Continue Reading

DIY Idea: A Bold Dart Board Coat Rack!

created at: 10/20/2011

Okay, hold on while I have a big ol’ “DUH!” moment…

…phew, that was intense.  Thanks for waiting.  But really, how obvious of an awesome coat rack idea is this??!  Seriously, guys.  Using a bold, graphic dart board as a coat hanger is straight brilliant.  

created at: 10/20/2011

All you need to do is sink those bad boys (aka darts) good and deep into a great-looking dart board, like the one Julia Schenk from the blog Philuko does here, and your entryway is set.   Continue Reading

Easy Art Idea: Make Framed Branches

created at: 09/06/2011

With the cooler weather moving into most parts of the continent, it is a good time to tackle all those tree branch projects we’ve seen here on Curbly.  Today I’ve got an easy and eye-pleasing project to add to your to-make list.  

Tracie at Cleverly Inspired shares how she turned some garage sale items into a fabulous piece of fall/winter art. 

created at: 09/06/2011

I know this project can be completely free if you already have a frame you like taking up space around the house.  Continue Reading

Paint-Picking Made Easy: A DIY Paint Swatch Fan Deck

created at: 05/30/2011

Having your paint swatches on hand is pretty convenient when you stumble accross a great home decor or fabric store.  Camilla of Effortless Style wanted her loose swatches organzied and compact, and came up with a fabulous paint deck.  This pocket-sized DIY option is perfect for tossing in your purse.  

created at: 05/30/2011

Camilla whipped out her power drill, clamps, and pieces of acrylic to make her paint swatch deck in a tutorial you can find on her blogContinue Reading

Make Your Own MCM-Inspired Ceiling Medallion!

created at: 04/06/2011

I’m sure many a home renovation has consisted of ripping down ceiling medallions (or glittery popcorn ceilings), but if you’re game for adding a bit of architectural flair with a Mid-Century Modern twist to your home, you MUST check out this DIY project!  

created at: 04/06/2011

My blogger buddy (and all-around awesome person) Adrienne Breaux posted about this project yesterday, but it was too good not to share on Curbly.  Plus, it’s modernism month, right?  Sharing this was kind of a no-brainer! Continue Reading

How To: Make Your Own Sunburst Mirror For Under $25

created at: 02/14/2011

Sunburst mirrors have seemingly been around and in-style since the beginning of time and odds are that that fact isn’t changing any time soon.  The iconic decorative accent is available in a wide range of styles and an even wider range of price points.  If you’re looking to add this stylish piece to your decor, we’ve got two DIY versions that’ll set you back less than dinner and a movie.  

created at: 02/14/2011

First up is a sunburst mirror created by Isabella & MaxContinue Reading

Make an Urban Outfitters Inspired Ruffled Pillow Sham (from Old T-Shirts)

created at: 02/04/2011

Making something ruffled has been on my back burner for months. It’s not difficult, but takes a little time to calculate and stitch ruffles onto a base fabric. Over on Knock Off Decor, there’s an Urban Outfitters inspired ruffled pillow made out of an old t-shirt and a drop cloth. Oooooh, I love that creative reuse! Amy Jo from The Little Moments didn’t feel the need to pay a retail price when she has the skills and creative know how to do it herself. Continue Reading