Decorating Challenge: Small Budget, Big Personality

created at: 12/29/2010

Decorating with a student budget didn’t stop Chicagoans Meg and Brad from transforming their 900 square foot apartment into a space full of style and personality.  These “colorful collectors” were able to create a completely unique and inspiring space – and stay in budget – with a little DIY ingenuity and a knack for finding hidden Craigslist gems.  But, their growing art collection is what really makes this space come alive.  

created at: 12/29/2010

Meg says it best when she explains: “Since we’re both students, we are able to swap prints with fellow classmates and do a lot of printmaking on our own time. Continue Reading

How To: Make Your Own Super Mod Sputnik Mobile

created at: 12/21/2010

You’re definitely getting a big (atomic) bang for your buck with this ridiculously cool and easy DIY mobile.  And when I say easy, I mean E-A-S-Y!  

created at: 12/21/2010

The cool kid behind Old Brand New came up with this super mod mobile idea as part of his holiday decor, but I think it would look swell year-round.  So.  If you’re looking to add some retro flair this season – or all year – let’s see what you’ll need. Continue Reading

Roundup: 7 Inspiring Danish Interiors

created at: 12/15/2010

I think by now it’s pretty clear that I am madly in love with all things Scandinavian (evidence here and here).  The Danes, Swedes, and Norwegians just know where it’s at when it comes to interior design, architecture, home decor, textiles, furniture, etc. etc.  Basically, they rock at life and making everything around them beautiful.  So, to celebrate that fact, I’ve rounded up seven inspiring Danish homes as a mid-week pick-me-up!  

created at: 12/15/2010

All of these homes were featured in Bolig Magazine, a Danish publication that I adore, but unfortunately don’t understand a word of (I just look at the pictures).  Continue Reading

Turn a Retro Sony Into an Electronically Mod Picture Frame

created at: 08/13/2010

Baz (Papa to Atomic Indy blog) and crew sometimes cruise around town looking for mid-century cast-offs. When he comes across a find, he quickly posts it on Facebook and it’s usually grabbed up within the hour. This time he scooped up a 1972 Sony TV-750 for himself and got to tinkering with the little bugger. He really just invented an entirely new piece of ‘found object’ art. Jeez Baz, is there anything you can’t do? Continue Reading

Ottoman Umpire

created at: 2009-10-15

It should come as no suprise that this blogger loves to design ottomans. Shapes, designs, colors, legs, frames, etc., they can really snazz up a room. Every room needs a splash of upholstered art, and ottomans can do that on so many levels. You’ve got fabric, pattern, color, texture, leg shape, stain or paint and the basic ottoman design. That’s a clean homerun in the design department.  

This is one of my favorite designs, the legs are a little too heavy, but the dressmaker details in the green silk shantung upholstery are wunderbar!  Continue Reading

How To Make a Button Pillow

created at: 2009-05-08

When a certain big Swedish apparel retailer decided to offer a home collection including a hand drawn looking button pillow, it started my wheels turning. It looked completely DIY-able and the collection isn’t available in the United States so, what the heck. Here is a step-by-step

tutorial with a slight color shift just to be different.

What You Need:

  • 3/4 yard of plain, flat weave fabric
  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • pins
  • thread
  • ruler
  • chalk
  • needle
  • embroidery floss and needle
  • fabric marker in your color choice
  • a variety of circular shapes to trace

created at: 2009-05-07

What You Do:

1. Continue Reading

Paper Furnishings

created on: 07/25/08

The love affair with paper continues.  And why not?  It’s just about the perfect material–biodegradable, beautifully handpainted, or just plain minimal and subtle.  It takes a little more than dexterity to cleverly construct origami birds and such, but a decoupaged chair sounds like it’s right up my alley.  Other delightful and useful home accessories are featured in The Paper Home, such as this paper clock, a woven platter, wall hangings and lampshades (always useful).  Labeena Ishaque shows you how to make home accessories as well as small, whimsical items from a wide array of paper sources.  Continue Reading