Easy homemade simmering potpourri recipes.

It’s that time of year when we might hanker for the scent of something warm and spicy emanating from the kitchen. If you don’t have the time or inclination to actually make an apple pie or cinnamon rolls, how about throwing together some simmering potpourri?

Spicy Simmering Potpourri

  • 1 oz. can cinnamon sticks, broken into small pieces 
  • 1 (1.12 oz.) can whole cloves
  • 1 (1.25 oz.) can whole allspice

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DIY Microwave Popcorn.

Store-bought microwave popcorn is kinda nasty: it tastes processed, gritty, and generally nothing like popcorn. Plus, when you can make your own, it becomes overpriced, and unnecessary. When one doesn’t have the time during a commercial break to stand in front of the stove shaking for seven or eight minutes, DIY microwave popcorn is a totally usable alternative that puts that toxic, yellow sludge-covered stuff to shame.

A brown paper lunch bag
1/4 cup popcorn
1 tablespoon olive oil
1/2 teaspoon salt
Serving bowl

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