Easy DIY Monogram Letter Hooks

Easy DIY Monogram Letter Hooks
Photo:  Faith Towers Provencher

 I love using letters and words in my house… it’s such an easy way to infuse a space with some serious personality. And when I saw these gold metal letters at my local craft store, I knew immediately what I’d do with them. Click through to check out my crazy easy tutorial for a set of monogram letter hooks.           



Easy DIY Monogram Letter Hooks
Photo:  Faith Towers Provencher


Easy DIY Monogram Letter Hooks
Photo:  Faith Towers Provencher

In order to add a screw-in hook to a metal letter, you’ll need to add scrap wood to the inside of the letter so you have a solid surface for the hook to screw up into. Continue Reading

How To: Make Easy DIY Tree Branch Wall Hooks!

created at: 11/28/2011

Classy, rustic, and modern (they’re white!) all at once, these DIY branch wall hooks will have you dreaming of Scandinavian cabins in no time.   


With a few simple materials and tools, your wall hook woes will be over thanks to this simple, 4-step DIY idea from Scandinavian Deko.  All you need are branches (of course), a knife, sandpaper, paint, and a drill.  Get outside and start collecting branches–then head over to Scandinavian Deko to see how it all comes together! Continue Reading

Turn Paintbrushes into Hooks?

created at: 10/10/2011

Who hasn’t left a paintbrush to dry in a precarious position only to have the bristles take the shape of that precarious position? I know I have. More than once. It’s not so bad if the brush is CLEAN, but if it has even a trace of medium left in it, it could very well be a goner. Now check this out, London designer Dominic Wilcox took paintbrushes–much like the one pictured above–and dried/hardened them into hooks. Continue Reading

Reclaimed Gym Floor Wall Hooks

created at: 11/10/2010Reclaimed gym floor wall hooks??  How clever!  Before you grab your wallet and get to ordering though, check out how to create a reclaimed wood wall treatment.  Totally adaptable to a wall hook feature, right?  If you’re itching for some color, mask off a similar design and grab your favorite spray paint.  Easy.  Done.

For instant gratification, you can purchase the above pictured wall hook from UncommonGoods for $125.

Make a Bathroom Shelf


There never seems to be enough shelving or hooks in bathrooms. This lovely how-to from the idea room helps solve that little problem and in a very stylish, Pottery-Barn kinda way. We’re told that it’s ‘so simple that anyone can make one’. Here’s the supply list to do just that:

  • 3 foot length of 1 x 12 Pine (or composite wood) (back of shelf)
  • 4 foot length of 1 x 6 Pine (or composite wood) (top of shelf)
  • 5 feet of 3 and 5/8 inch Crown Moulding
  • 4 feet of 1 and 1/8 inch decorative moulding
  • miter box saw
  • finishing nails
  • painter’s caulk
  • wood glue
  • putty
  • primer
  • paint

Head on over to The Idea Room for the entire tute. Continue Reading

Cup Hooks

coffee cup hanger 25 of the Most Creative Wall Hook Designs

These wall hangers put a clever spin on the term ‘cup hooks’. DIYable? I’m thinking it might be worth a shot. If the cups were more cylindrical than conical, the interiors could even be used to stash stuff. To attach them to the wall, we could drill holes in the bottom of the cups, or we could epoxy them onto something which we could then in turn hang. 

The originals are available through Birkiland by Ragnheldur Ingunn Agustsdottir for about 36 bucks a cup. Continue Reading

Hand Hooks: Creepy or Cool?

Submitted for your approval: Imagine as you enter your home, disembodied hands reach out from the walls, gesturing to you. They offer to take your coat, keys, wallet. (Insert spooky theme song of The Twilight Zone here.)

Available through Unica Home, Harry Allen’s Hand Hooks are made from “detailed casts of the designer’s own hands.” The truncated appendages will set you back 75 bucks each–or 15 bucks a digit.

No-Mar 3M Metal Hooks

The clever folks over at 3M have come up with metal Command Hooks as an alternative to those less than aesthetically pleasing plastic numbers.

Available in classic (aluminum, brass and copper) and modern (chrome and black) styles, the hooks are about three times more expensive than their ugly stepsisters, but they are three times as pretty.

Although I saw them at Michaels, I’m sure they are–or soon will be–available everywhere 3M products are sold.